Mind Mastery: The Secret of Saying Yes

Monday, November 21st, 2016
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Date: July 3, 2016
Title: Mind Mastery: Mind Mastery: The Secret of Saying Yes
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Mind Mastery: The Secret of Saying Yes

In the beginning of Creation, the Consciousness created 2 movements – one flowing out and one flowing in. These were Light (out flow) and Darkness (in flow). Your soul’s nature is identical to the Source Conscious and to this dual creative flow. In this final Mind Mastery video, learn the secret of saying ‘yes’ to your soul’s flow of creative energy.

In every moment of your life, creative energy is flowing from your soul into the universe of forms. This flow is experienced in the center of your chest in a location we call the Spiritual Heart. We can learn to sense this divine creative energy flow – understanding it’s creative movements and learning from them.

Your soul was created as a creator. The purpose of your soul’s existence is to understand the creation that is existing around you as the forms of life in the 4 dimensions and to understand yourself as a creator within these 4 dimensions. You were created to realize that you are identical to the Source Consciousness. It is a journey from ignorance to knowledge, Darkness to Light.

The Light of Creation is flowing out from your Spiritual Heart. When you understand this Divine energy and honor it, you experience bliss inside yourself. All of your thoughts, emotions and action are aligned with wisdom, peace and love. Your create Heaven on Earth.

This flow of Light can also be stopped, creating a state of perceived separation, aloneness, anxiety, and fear. This is the Darkness – an inward flow as our soul’s Heart Light is felt drawing inwards, away from the external universe. We feel our soul withdrawing from creation and our happiness leaving us.

Learn the great secret and power of ‘yes’. This simple statement, attitude and vibration activates the flow of creative energy from your soul’s Heart center – giving you the experience of Love that you’ve always wanted… and always had inside your self.

The purpose of your life is for you to create as a creator. Happiness does not come from what we get from life; happiness comes from what we give into life. Experience the flow of your soul’s creative energy and live the truth of yourself.

Blessings and Love.

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  1. Colin says:

    Lincoln shed a tear when he said the “no” affirmation. He was really feeling that one.

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