Mind Mastery: Stopping a Wild Mind

Thursday, October 15th, 2015
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Satsang with the Self
Video: 282
Date: October 14, 2015
Title: Mind Mastery: Stopping a Wild Mind
Running Time: 26:03

Mind Mastery: Stopping a Wild Mind

When your mind is acting crazy, do not fight it – go beyond it! Learn a technique that quickly settles all thoughts and emotions with ease, returning you to peaceful stillness, in this channeled Higher Self teaching.

Your mind is perfect. Even the chaos of your mind is perfect. This Higher Self concept may be challenging to accept at first. How can the non-stop stream of thoughts and all the stress that these thoughts create possibly be perfect? How can our minds, sometimes wild and out of our own personal control, be perfect just as they are?

In truth, your mind is perfect. When your mind is understood at a level of higher consciousness, every aspect of it is perfect. With correct spiritual knowledge, you will see your mind as perfect too.

In this Channel Higher Self video, you will learn how to work with your mind in a way that transcends all personal struggle. By using Higher Self principles and one technique you will be able to move beyond any suffering that your wild mind can cause you. Easily and quickly your mind will dissolve into the peace of your eternal Self.

Do not fight against your thoughts. Do not attempt to force your wild mind to stop. Work from your higher consciousness and your mild will quickly dissolve into silence. You will will have peace again.

Blessings and Love.

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  1. Colin says:

    You deserve a better microphone.

  2. Jessica says:

    You’re the only teacher that helps me to break through and feel happy and excited about life. Your videos go so deep, even too deep for me to handle at times. More than any other teaching, these have brought the most change and awareness that actually lead to my initial awakening. Thank God for this, I was so so lost inside myself before. Totally controlled by my emotions. This is an excellent video, so simple but so helpful. My life has changed so much from when I first started watching. Your videos continue to help me. I can’t believe you do it all so in depthly for free, but I am so absolutely grateful for it.

  3. Colin says:

    Lincoln absolutely is a treasure. It has been a joy to have access to his teachings and presence through this bizarre virtual medium. Where you can back up and repeat a phrase over and over again or watch a whole video again.

    Another teacher I have been impressed with as of late is Teal Swan. I’m really picky about my spiritual teachers so it is worth noting when I find one I like.

  4. Jessica says:

    Thanks Colin
    I watched some of her videos. No doubt she is an amazing person. But that is why I find Lincoln s videos so valuable. In his videos I am able to connect with myself in ways that I could never do with other teachers. His energy and words together bring me so deep into myself. Naturally the information or decisions that are right for me come out of my heart. Which I feel is probably where Teals information comes from. Lincoln takes us straight to the source. For example, watching a Teal video I may take her advise to help my heartbreak by connecting more deeply with the
    people in my life, changing around my house, getting myself out there and all those things would make me feel better. With Lincolns teachings I would already be at peace with the change and knew it was coming. Although sadness would be there I would know in my heart where to go from there, a direct path of a feeling, or knowing or maybe just the next step, but it would be unique to my path. Maybe the actions I would take would be exactly the same as in Teals videos but it would be from a different place that I took action. However Lincolns videos are not for everyone. I studied in great respect and attention. I found his videos to be almost sacred and would treat each one as if the higher self was right here with me talking to me. I would take notes and rewind if I didn’t get something or my mind slipped in ect (as I know you kinda mentioned about this virtual medium) This brought me into a great depth of learning through his videos. I have shared Lincolns videos with some others that just couldn’t understand him. Nor did they truly embrace him either. I truly feel that many people’s lives would be enriched by watching Teals videos. There are times I could have benefited from her knowledge because I was so desperately sad and in that I didn’t make the best decisions for my life, but I just have faith somehow that it’s not about the decisions you make in life but understanding why you did and from where they came from. Out of that sadness came a deeper awareness of where I had so subtly tricked myself. Like many teachers warn us about. About 3 years ago I awakened to the awareness. It was like fireworks for me, buckets of tears came flowing out in relief and in love. It was the moment my faith became aknowleged and forever never to be broken. I don’t consider myself to be anywhere near Lincoln or Teal or anyone. I still feel like a baby in my growing. But that awakening was worth my whole life of studying. I know it was through Lincolns teachings ( and of coarse myself) that brought me to this point. And I know that Teal could not have shown me to that path.
    I appreciate you and your comment and that is why I took the time to write you my response. I wish you the best in your life. I am humbled by my life and I don’t feel like I know anything really, or what’s best for any one person or how they understand things. I just love and respect anyone who wants to be a better person. I have people in my life who absolutely want me to suffer and they act from ignorance. They look for ways to justify their hatred. Many people are still here. I feel so blessed to have had the realizations I had to take me out of that. Lincoln is a teacher unlike so so many. But for me it is only with the extreme respect and devotion you get the full message. And not devotion to him but to the moment of learning that his happening and what is happening, if that makes sense. But Lincoln brings this opportunity again not like I feel Teal or many out there do.

  5. Colin says:

    Just to be clear, I am not endorsing Teal Swan’s entire body of work. Just a few of her more recent videos that I have seen. I think they are educational, insightful, and positive.

    As Lincoln has said in the past. Be very discerning about the information you take in. Or in other words, be very careful about the information you choose to subject yourself to. Whether you think it will or not, it can make a big difference in how you feel and think. Even the news or a T.V show.

    Another really important point is that focusing purely on the psychological is not going to take you to where you want to be. You can have profound spiritual experiences in the spiritual heart , of love and bliss, without addressing what I’m about to mention, but to make a lasting, healthy happiness in this physical realm, you need to address your health.

    It just so happens that Lincoln is a health nut. And whether he knows it or not, diet, exercise, yoga, and all of the other things he recommends can have a profound effect on your psychological and emotional state, for the better. Deficiencies in minerals and vitamins that he recommends are clearly documented to have effects on mood, energy levels, attention, sleep etc. And deficiencies are supposedly very common because of how poor the Standard American Diet is. And many other factor too

    Look at his Amazon recommendation page and you will see. Sleep optimization, getting enough good fats, getting enough protein, proper exercise, proper hydration, proper breathing, minerals, enzymes, yoga, qi gong, earthing, proper posture, self massage, detoxing, etc.

    All of these things are known to have a profound effect on your emotional and psychological well being. Lincoln may be doing it purely to prevent health issues, and what I’m saying hasn’t always been common knowledge, but none the less it is true.( And can also be expensive :-l)

    Another key thing is meditation. If you want to optimize your life, you must meditate. There are pit falls when trying to meditate that I think ancient traditions had worked out that I had to learn the hard way because I am stubborn. Namely working out your core so that sitting is more comfortable, posture, and breathing. Addressing these things will make meditation much easier and much better. I try to meditate for an hour and twenty minutes a day, I feel like that is a sweet spot. Forty minutes in the morning and forty minutes in the afternoon. When I follow through with this, I automatically feel happier, I have better moments, I have better control over my mind, my focus is better, everything is better.

    That is something to remember, when the mind is better, everything is better.

    Hope this was helpful.

  6. Jessica says:

    I hope it was helpful to you colin as you seem to be coaching yourself. Glad i could be some kind of spring board for you. Since you seem so readily insistant on giving unrequested advice Id like to do the same to you by suggesting you search deeply within yourself and see where and why you have let your totally apparent arrogance and spiritual superiority blind your present moment. You may be hiding from uncomfort of something in yourself. I cant imagine getting a good responce to this comment given your lack of empathy and clear blindness to help honestly through this blockage you have but I do wish you well. I have enjoyed your quoting of Lincolns. They must be great highlights to you. Which I should let you know ten people would choose to write 10 different quotes that stood out and helped them. Also just because I am vulnerable in my responce does not mean I am weak, unhealthy, or want your help. But I digress because I do not feel this conversation will benefit from me correcting why your comment has turned totally absurd. I apologize to Lincoln for my harsh comments on your page. Please delete if you see fit being this has gotten away from being about commenting on this video.

  7. Colin says:

    Hahahahaha I did not expect that kind of reply at all :-D!

    Um, yeah everything I do on this page is for a younger version of myself and for myself. Or people that are just like me, but are on an earlier stage of their journey. I want to give them what I wanted and needed. The knowledge I shared with you is the knowledge I find most important and most valuable. And I’m not even looking to charge you!

    Here are some quotes from your first comment.

    “There are times I could have benefited from her knowledge because I was so desperately sad and in that I didn’t make the best decisions for my life”

    “I have people in my life who absolutely want me to suffer and they act from ignorance”

    “I don’t consider myself to be anywhere near Lincoln or Teal or anyone. I still feel like a baby in my growing.”

    “About 3 years ago I awakened to the awareness. It was like fireworks for me, buckets of tears came flowing out in relief and in love.”

    “I am humbled by my life and I don’t feel like I know anything really, or what’s best for any one person or how they understand things”

    And this is the funniest one

    “I just love and respect anyone who wants to be a better person.”


    By the way I don’t have any I’ll will towards you stranger, and I sincerely wish you the absolute best in your life.

  8. Jessica says:


  9. Lincoln says:

    Thank you Jessica and Colin for your insight into how my teachings and service have affected you. I appreciate your honest and commend you both for the strength it takes to be open about ourselves in a genuine way.

    Yes, Jessica you are accurate. There is far more in my videos than words and concepts. There is an energy that is present and this energy transforms a person more than concepts ever could. I can compare it to tasting an orange yourself versus reading a description of an orange. Concepts and instructions can lead us to the actual experience but the concepts and instructions are inferior to the experience.

    There is a well known Zen Buddhist statement that states that the words of an enlightened teacher are like fingers pointing to the moon. A student should not focus on the fingers, but instead the moon.

    In modern day times, we are in the information age (communication and communication devices – computers, phones, satellites, etc) and information is what most teachers share. This is value to information; without it knowing another’s experience would be difficult to understand. However focusing on the words alone is to miss the purpose of the communication. The purpose of the communication is to help the audience have a direct experience of what the information is referencing. After all, words (spoken and written) are symbols representing an actual experience.

    When I was studying spiritual teachings, I realized there is an energy that is expressed in every written sentence. The author / teacher’s words carried the energy of the teacher, not just the conceptual information. By sensing the energy, I would connect with the teacher’s consciousness and be personally transported closer to the experience the teacher was referencing.

    I could contrast this to reading the words of an unenlightened, but well-informed teacher, in which I would remain in my own energy frequency and not shift me anywhere different in my energy body. It would only add information to my thought-based system of knowledge.

    This helped me to realize that most teachers are repeating the concepts that they learned from someone else. These teachers spoke the words and understood the concepts, but did not embody the energy the direct experience. I realized some teachers truly had the experience and could also transmit the energy of that experience to the audience. Even in books this was possible – something that I have heard some “teachers” say is not possible.

    I am happy that you are both benefiting so greatly and enjoying your journey. We are all here in this reality to share in a co-creation of what we desire. That which you desire to experience will attract to you those teachers who have the pieces to support you as you continue to transform. Trust that which you feel within yourself (learn the language of energy) and you will always know how something is serving you.

    I wish you the best. Blessings and Love always.

  10. rose ma rain says:

    Dear Lincoln,
    Our minds are wild indeed.
    But I agree with Jessica: your skill and energy support me and with the help of your video’s I gain a greater understanding of the higher self. .
    Thank you

  11. Colin says:

    Hey Jessica, Here is an excerpt from a book I am reading titled “No More Mr. Nice Guy” by Robert Glover

    “Caring Vs. Caretaking

    Though Nice Guys see everything they do for others as loving, caretaking has very little to do with caring. here are the differences:


    1) Gives to others what the giver needs to give.

    2) Comes from a place of emptiness within the giver.

    3) Always has unconscious strings attached.


    1) Gives to others what the receiver needs

    2) Comes from a place of abundance to the giver.

    3) Has no strings attached.

    Nice Guys caretake for a number of reasons, none of them having anything to do with love. For them, even the most innocuous and subtle act often has some string attached. Nice Guys give in the ways They would like others to give to them. They give gifts, affection, back rubs, sex, surprises. They will encourage their partner to take a day off, buy a new outfit, go to the doctor, take a trip, quit a job, go back to school – yet would not give themselves permission to do any of the same things. ”

    Sound like someone ? 😉

    Since we don’t know each other I assume you have encountered guys like this in your life and find it absurd

    My father died when I was a toddler so I am a prime candidate for this “Nice Guy Syndrome”

    If you read the beginning of the book you will understand why that is.

    All the best.

  12. rose ma rain says:

    Dear Colin,
    I’m sorry to read that you had to grow-up without a dad. Dads can be great fun and loving and strict and all that and you missed all That.
    But anyway I meant to say something completely different. Namely that I don’t believe that there is anything wrong whith Lincolns mike. You may know that english is not my first language and with my wild mind and all that I could loose a lot of what Lincoln is telling us, but I don’t. It might help to turn your volume down. I will tell you how I listened to this video this afternoon, thinking I understand every word: My computer stands in the livingroom. When I’ve started the video I go into the kitchen, leaving all the doors open. There I put a bowl of peasoup in the microwave. It smells delicious and take one bite. But after the first bite I fancy closing my eyes as Lincolns words were kind of attractive and closing my eyes helps to focus better on the sound. And to my pleasure I heard every word, coming out of my laptop in the livingroom and it sounded a bit like I was ‘listening in’, you know, like the central intelligence agency. When lincoln mentioned turning our attention back to the world I ate my soup and I felt good. And well that is all I wanted to say. Try it, because Lincolns message is really full of love, the kind of thing anyone needs.

  13. Colin says:

    Thanks for your condolence rose ma rain. I may not be well versed in the ways of emotional communication and love, but I do know what good audio sounds like ;-).

    It is really a standards issue. Audio standards on the internet are just getting better and better. And there is something really special about good quality audio. Great audio coupled with Lincolns voice and message? That would be sublime.

    The differences really become apparent when you have two things to compare.

    I think Lincoln’s videos usually have pretty good audio quality, this one seems uniquely pretty bad from an audio quality perspective. I love Lincoln’s videos so don’t get the wrong impression.

    The youtube channel acutalized.org is pretty much the gold standard in audio quality in my opinion. He might do a lot of additional post processing that Lincoln may not want to bother with. I don’t know.

    But if you enjoy the videos as is, then more power to you.

    Also lol at your central intelligence agency joke 🙂

  14. Lincoln says:

    Thank you Rose for sharing your experience and appreciation. I am happy that my videos have been helping you. Blessings and Love.

  15. Colin says:

    “Your old self dear one is formed by your understanding of all the experiences that you have had. Your mind is not bad or wrong. Your mind need not be changed. Every experience within your past has taught you what you are and what this world is. You mind simply records all the events and experiences that have happened to you. Do not fight and do not struggle with your mind. To resist your minds natural performance is to invite additional suffering and confusion inside. The skill dear one that is required is learning how to deepen your awareness beyond your thoughts.”

    – Lincoln Gergar
    Satsang with the Self
    Video: 282
    Date: October 14, 2015
    Title: Mind Mastery: Stopping a Wild Mind

  16. Colin says:

    “Now ,dear ones, what do we do when the mind becomes very active with thoughts and we have difficulty finding our heart, feeling that peace? in those moments dear ones when your mind is very active causing you stress and causing you struggle, first form the conscious thought ‘I am the light of awareness.’ I am the light of awareness. And while you form this thought while you create this sacred mantra of affirmative truth feel the awareness. Feel the awareness ,dear ones, while you affirm its reality.”

    – Lincoln Gergar
    Satsang with the Self
    Video: 282
    Date: October 14, 2015
    Title: Mind Mastery: Stopping a Wild Mind
    Running Time: 26:03

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