How to Keep Your Heart Open to Yourself When Life is Difficult

Thursday, April 26th, 2018
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: April 26, 2018
Title: How to Keep Your Heart Open to Yourself When Life is Difficult
Running Time: 55:25

How to Keep Your Heart Open to Yourself When Life is Difficult

God designed your entire life and all of it’s experiences as your spiritual path. Meditating, while helpful, is not the path to enlightenment. Meditation is a tool. The path is living the journey of your life.

In this Channel Higher Self teaching, we examine how to keep your spiritual connection open while having difficult life experiences. With nearly 1 hour of instruction, you will be taught how to effectively approach your life to evolve as a spiritual human being.

Teachings include:

  • how to identify psychological patterns of self-sabotage, fear, insecurity, and disempowerment
  • how to remove yourself from the emotional and mental control of the ego
  • how to center yourself in your authentic state of consciousness
  • how to open your heart in challenging experiences
  • how to send your heart energy into your mind, emotional energy system and body to create true karmic change
  • how to understand the deeper levels of the mind and social conditioning
  • how to be objective when observing your own thoughts and emotions
  • how to learn from the creative connection between self and world
  • how to understand how thoughts and emotions are sometimes the opposite of the deeply held knowing

This Higher Self Teaching is very direct, to the point, and filled with useful tools for awakening and self-transformation. There is a lot of depth to the information being shared. I recommend that you re-watch the video multiple times to truly grasp the depth of knowledge here. As you apply this information and techniques in your life, revisit this video to find continued support on your soul’s journey.

In our lives we hear what we are ready to hear. As you apply these teachings and grow, you will hear more of what is being taught. As you deepen yourself, the teachings deepen also.

Blessings and Love.

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  1. Leyla says:

    You are amazing. I’m truly thankful to be connected with you. Your teachings are so pure. I feel and understand all your teachings.

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