Healing Technique to Uncover Deeply Rooted Emotional Energies

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: March 3, 2012
Title: Healing Technique to Uncover Deeply Rooted Emotional Energies
Running Time: 32:12
Parts: 4

Healing Technique to Uncover Deeply Rooted Emotional Energies

Learn how to uncover and heal deeply routed emotions, energies, beliefs and behaviors in this guided meditation. Benefit from this 40-minute teaching and guided healing meditation. The specific emotional energies that are being healed in this video are the third chakra energies of anger (both self-directed and outward-directed) and frustration, which are commonly stored in the liver organ. However this same emotional healing technique can be used to heal any chakra, any memory, and any body part.

Deep within your subconscious mind may be emotions, memories, attitudes, behavior patterns, and belief structures. Sometimes these deeply rooted energies are difficult to know, understand and heal. Often these patterns enter into our conscious state and affect our present-moment experience. We can see this as our strong emotional reactions, uncontrollable urges, and strong mental biases. With proper guidance, all of these parts of our mind and emotions can be understood and healed.

In this Higher Self guided meditation and healing you are first instructed about the nature of healing and how to empower your creative abilities. To be an effective healer, correct knowledge and technique is needed. Both are taught in this video. Learn how to be free from the subconscious mind to live in present moment conscious awareness, and then from this place connect with the Higher Self super-conscious mind to manifest the best results. Only by first freeing ourselves from our subconscious mind and thoughts can we create the foundation for change. Then we must connect to our inner self / super-conscious mind to create genuine change and spiritual progress.

The guided healing requires over 20 minutes of dedicated time to perform. The technique being used can be applied to any chakra, any memory or body part to create deep healing and transformation.

Many blessings and much Love!

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  1. Jacques says:

    I love the exercise.

    But I must admit that it is still difficult to FEEL the emotions, although I think that I understand the process.

    How can I develop further my sense of feeling?


  2. Lincoln says:

    Feeling the emotional energy is dependent on two aspects: 1) having the sensitivity in our awareness to perceive subtler energies, and 2) have the degree of “personal power” to consciously control our emotional energies.

    The best way to develop the sensitivity of awareness (#1) is to meditate. This will quiet the mind and deepen our experience of our subtle layers within.

    The best ways to develop our personal power (#2) are to practice meditation, stay in meditative breath awareness during our daily activities, and practice feeling and working with the chakras or our energy system.

    As you continue to practice, your skill level will improve. Namaste.

  3. Jacques says:

    I realize that my mind is too active. It keeps me busy, and it is this that seems to keep my sensibility out of reach.

    I will practice meditation more regularly and with more faith.

    Thank you Lincoln,

  4. Lincoln says:

    Meditation has always been the foundation of spiritual development. Without first quieting the mind, progress will be very limited and the risk of being confused or manipulated by the ego greatly increased.

    Remember that our true state is beyond the mind, emotions and body. We are the Spiritual Consciousness. The human layers are just tools for our expression here.

    Here is an article about how to meditate correctly: https://channelhigherself.com/blog/what-is-meditation-how-to-practice-meditation/

    Blessings and Love.

  5. Regina says:

    Hi Lincoln

    Greetings from Canada! Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work in creating the Higher Self Videos and the 99 days 99 channels series. Your channelled messages are invaluable and insightful spritual tools. The lessons you delivered resonated deeply with me at all levels. I am deeply grateful to you and your Higher Self for the your immense gift to Humanity.

    As per your teachings, I practised meditating on the “Here and Now” and it took me to a whole different level about 3 years ago. An energy within me “rocked” me at the core, literally. It manifested (under my conscious awareness and release of my ego control) into what I later learnt to be hand, and tongue mudras; tonal chanting from various chakras; my body assumed involuntary and spontaneous movements in the likes of Yoga, Qi Gong and Reiki poses; a foreign(unknown to me) language/syllables uttered through me, sometimes in voices of a man, woman or child; pranic breathing of various degrees, just to name a few.

    These incidents continued to this day. I watched these developments intensely and with the same mindfulness as taught through your videos. The journey has been intriquing and wild at the same time, and my ego has learned not to get in the way. Had it not been for your Higher Self teachings, I would have deemed myself insane.

    Are these common occurrences to go through as one learns to take on a spiritual journey? I will be most interesting in what insights or advice you can offer.

    Once again, my sincerest thanks and gratitude to your wonderful service.

    Love and Light,

    P.S. If you think it may benefit others in similar situation to read this, please allow me to remain anonymous. Many thanks.

  6. Lincoln says:

    Hello Regina, What you are experiencing in not typical. It is likely that you are being influenced by a combination of: 1) effects generated from your past life time’s experiences (such as spiritual development and skill sets); 2) energetic influences in your current multidimensional environment (such as non-physical beings speaking through you or picking up energies from other people); 3) your own soul-level plans for this lifetime; and 4) your subconscious mind being open to express influences from your personal past or greater humanity’s collective consciousness.

    I’ll explain more. It is commonly known by more advanced practitioners of yoga, qi gong, reiki, etc that the Life Energy will move a person automatically when they are sufficiently surrendered and in tune. The history of these types of movement and energy healing techniques does come from spontaneous experiences during deep meditation or “here and now” awareness. As you can see in my own earlier videos my body would move and spiral as the energy in my sushumna kundalini energy channel (spine area) would move me. I’ve also had similar experiences of the inner energy moving my body in ecstatic dance, qi gong and yoga asanas. This is very natural and happens to nearly every practitioner at a certain level of personal development.

    As per “speaking in tongues” I have no personal experience with such. But what I have observed happening in others is that 2 general trends are present. 1) The channel is communicating directly with a non-physical being, allowing this being to use their vocal cords; or 2) the personal subconscious is accessing past lifetimes or collective human humans and speaking from these places. This is common during hypnosis or regression therapies.

    Communicating with the Higher Self Consciousness has more in common with the spontaneous energy movements, but less in common with the speaking in tongues or other people’s voices. The Higher Self is our inner self / super consciousness state. When this Higher Self connection is created there is a lot of energy entering our system, however the connection is focused enough that no “outside” influences are invited in. So a person would not speak from past lifetimes or other non-physical beings. The only “being” being made contact with is our Higher Self. So there is a focused connection.

    My own experience is that when I am in the “here now” awareness I am much more sensitive to the energies around me – both from people and non-physical beings. If a person’s attention is ungrounded (meaning my energy system has holes, imbalances, etc) then he/she is more vulnerable to absorbing and experiencing the mental and emotional energies from their surroundings. This is often called being “empathic” however I consider it an unhealthy form of empathy. When a person is more integrated and energetically healthy, they will still feel other people’s energies, but not embody them.

    My advice is to add the Spiritual Heart meditation to your practices. This will increase your inner connection and start to fill you up from within, and thus remove any possible negative influences that you are experiences. In likelihood the spontaneous energy-directed movements will gradually diminish in intensity and as long as you stay functioning at a high energetic level the movements will be minimal (being you are operating at their frequency). The spontaneous vocal channneling will likely end, unless you consciously chose to focus and perform this activity. It is like flipping a switch inside to return to this frequency-based connection. So you will not lose it permanently, but will have control over it.

    The idea with my advice is that is will help to take you to a more energetically-integrated and Higher Self-integrated place. This will continue to awaken your consciousness, but remove any outside influences that may be affecting you. Ultimately, none of your experiences are bad or wrong, so please do not feel scared. Rather now that you have opened your multidimensional self, now it is time to act from a conscious place in this multidimensional reality.

    With the Higher Self teachings, I always say “we know why we are surrendering and what we are surrendering to.” So there is a focus in place to consciously experience our Higher Self. Simply opening ourselves up and floating through life is not what I mean by “surrender”. Thank you for sharing. Your privacy is safe and many people will benefit from your feedback. Blessings and Love.

  7. David says:

    Lincoln, I often experience what you called the unhealthy form of empathy in that I take on the emotions of those around me. What can I do so I feel others energies but do not take them on myself.

  8. Lincoln says:

    Watch this video https://channelhigherself.com/videos/satsang-with-the-self/being-a-sensitive-person-is-an-advantage-for-spiritual-growth/

    That which we focus on receives our creative energy. By learning to always keep some of your attention on your Spiritual Heart you will always be filling your own energy field up with Divine Love. This will make you less affected by other people’s less healthy energies.

    Also, when we desire something from others (even their approval) then we increase the amount of energy exchanged. Being unattached from outcomes will help. Blessings and Love.

  9. Joey says:

    This video was AMAZING. I feel like i have been looking for this video a long time. It helps so much. Thank you

  10. Lincoln says:

    You are welcome. Blessings and Love always. Namaste.

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