The Wise do not Fight Against what they Do Not Want

Monday, April 24th, 2017
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: April 12, 2017
Title: The Wise do not Fight Against what they Do Not Want
Running Time: 22:52

The Wise do not Fight Against what they Do Not Want

Do not fight against that which you do not like because that is continuing to focus on those things and thus continuing to empower them with your mind’s energy. There is a higher way to remove what you dislike so that you can experience what you do like. The wise ones knew this. You can learn this as well.

You are a free will creative being. Within your mind you experience desires that seek certain experiences and desires to avoid other experiences. It is part of your purpose as a human being to understand the role of desire and to master your free will creativity.

Rarely are people taught how to effectively avoid unwanted experiences. Usually we think about them, create emotions like fear and anger, and speak in a degrading way about them. Rarely do these behaviors free us from the unwanted experiences. They often seem to attract more unwanted experiences to us!

If you fight against something, then your mind is still holding onto that which you are resisting. What you do not want will then continue to appear in your life. The more you do not want something, the more you keep that experience in your life.

So then, how do we become free from unwanted thoughts and unwanted experiences in our lives? That is what the Higher Self will teach you in the channeled spiritual message.

The method to mind mastery and happiness in your life is easy to understand and simple to apply. With proper teachings any person can free themselves from states of suffering and enjoy a lifetime of peace, happiness and freedom.

Blessings and Love.

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  1. Colin says:

    Many thanks for this video Lincoln. It greatly helped. The video is missing from this web page.

  2. Colin says:

    Ive been practicing the breath counting meditation, and I get scarred when my mind gets silent. What can I do about this?

  3. Lincoln says:

    The mind can become afraid when we begin to experience something unfamiliar. Into the unknown the mind projects it’s own ideas. It is not the unknown that causes the fear, but the mind’s ideas that it projects.

    Becoming afraid in meditation is a common experience when people first begin touching inner silence. Understand that in silence nothing is happening, therefore there is nothing to be afraid of. Silence is peace and therefore can be accepted and enjoyed.

    People have identified with the continuous stream of thoughts that accompany them in nearly every moment of their lives. They believe that the inner voice is their personal self. This inner voice is a false self. It is the ego structure – a personal story created by one’s past experiences.

    To achieve higher states of spiritual awakening, we must disassociate from this inner voice and learn to exist in a state without thoughts. Then we will discover freedom as we experience ourselves without an ego.

    This is the beginning of realizing deeper states and finding our authentic Self.

    We should welcome the inner silence, not fear it. By accepting the silence we allow for greater awakening.

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