Mind Mastery: Get Yourself Into Your Mind

Saturday, November 7th, 2015
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: October 29, 2015
Title: Mind Mastery: Get Yourself Into Your Mind
Running Time: 42:00

Mind Mastery: Get Yourself Into Your Mind

You can’t change anything by staying outside of it. You must get into your mind to master it. If you are hearing your thoughts, you aren’t in your mind. When inside, your thoughts silence and you are given control.

Affirmations, visualizations, prayer, and energy work are only as effective as the depth that your consciousness is inside your mind. The reason why most of these methods create limited success is because people are not inside of their mental body. You must be in your mind to use your mind effectively. The power that makes affirmations, visualizations, prayer, and energy work effective spiritual methods is your creative consciousness.

If you are hearing your thoughts, then you are outside of the mind listening to it. When you get your consciousness inside your mind, the thoughts stop – giving you the opportunity to create with your mental energy.

When your consciousness starts to enter your mind, fear will arise. This specific type of fear is often misunderstood. The fear that arises in meditation is testing you. This fear that is preventing you from being the conscious creator you are destined to become. When we take full responsibility for our lives and are truly ready to become a conscious creator of our personal reality, then the fear will be transcended and we will given access to create at this higher level of mastery.

In this Mind Mastery video, the Higher Self consciousness teaches you how to bring your consciousness into your mind so that you can create with the full power that you have. The path of mastery is clearly explained to you. You are given knowledge about every step and every obstacle. Let the Higher Self consciousness guide you into the fullest state of your enlightened self.

Blessings and Love.

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  1. Soichiro says:


    Only meditating along side your video’s is what gets me to that expanded state, where I can’t tell where parts of my body start or end. Sometimes I feel very elongated, horizontally or vertically. Other times I feel like I have a humongous belly (if that makes sense) or that my eyes are within my chest.

    (slow_clap_citizen_kane.gif) 😛

  2. serguei says:

    That was the teaching I have been waiting for !

    Thank you Lincoln, excellent channeling as always.

    Much Love, all the best!

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