The True Solution to Ending Suffering is by Increasing Your Awareness of Yourself

Thursday, May 10th, 2018
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: May 10, 2018
Title: The True Solution to Ending Suffering is by Increasing Your Awareness of Yourself
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The True Solution to Ending Suffering is by Increasing Your Awareness of Yourself

Learn how to take your awareness into the deepest, most challenging parts of your mind, emotions and physical body in this Higher Self teaching.

This is a 1 hour video teaching that examines the process of psychological transformation in a way that is rarely taught. The great majority of self-help teachings discuss “things to do” to change the mind and emotions. These can be successful up to a particular point, but rarely do they get to the depth and core of the problems we have. To fully transform our psychological patterns, we must get into the feelings of the emotions so fully that they reveal the core mental aspects creating the feelings. In that psychological revelation, an automatic shift happens. The emotional core open us, reveals itself to our awareness, and the stuck, repressed emotional energy is released. New understanding emerges in that moment as we truly understand what the mind believed about ourselves. The mind has let go of the karma. A deep peace appears as the emotional energies express.

During this video teaching, you will be taught a method that guides you into your emotions and mind structure. This method is very simple to understand. The challenge is not in the logic, but rather the application. We must find within ourselves our personal strength, our dedication to self-mastery, and our trust in ourselves. When our difficult emotions are taking over our lives, we must skillfully know how to respond and we must have the confidence in ourselves to do so.

This video has many concepts, some of which may be different than anything you’ve learned before. I recommend watching the video from start to finish and then replaying the video again. During the second viewing, pause the video after key concepts are shared. Think about what was taught. Digest the information. Apply it to your life by writing down these concepts and journaling.

You are the creator of your life. God has placed itself at the center of your Universe. You are this God Consciousness. By learning about the forms, we more fully understand who we are as God. We also gain the happiness that comes with personal development.

I wish you happiness and success on your soul’s journey.

Blessings and Love.

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