11 Questions for the Higher Self about the COVID-19 Corona Virus experience

Wednesday, May 27th, 2020
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: May 26, 2020
Title: 11 Questions for the Higher Self about the COVID-19 Corona Virus experience
Running Time: 1:42:292

11 Questions for the Higher Self about the COVID-19 Corona Virus experience

Join the channeled Higher Self as 11 questions about the COVID-19 Corona Virus experience are answered. Topics range from attracting the virus due to fear, population control, a secret political agenda, how to make money in this economy, who created the virus, and more.

Receive the Higher Self’s answer to these questions, while also being guided to understand the greater significance that this world event has for every human soul experiencing it.

There is the opportunity to awaken in every experience we have. Possibly new realizations and awakening experiences are here for you, in this Higher Self video.

Here are the 11 questions asked by the YouTube audience:

Question 1: 7:40

Does the virus dissolve if we have a belief that it will dissolve when approaching us, or if we have the belief that it won’t cross the way, it really won’t?

Question 2: 15:40

Is the pandemic made on purpose by “the elite” to control the population? (Sorry couldn’t resist to ask )

Question 3: 22:54

Will the Corona virus pandemic be discovered, as part of the global awakening process, as staged and just a mental fear put forward globally for attaining a one-world government in the future?

Question 4: 28:33

When you said in AnaAkun’s interview that you don’t fear getting such a virus, can you specify why exactly you don’t fear it? Is it because there is no virus? Is it because you don’t fear death and you can allow your body to die of it? Or is it because you won’t die because of the overflowing spiritual healing energies you contain?

Question 5: 37:44

Will the impact of the virus change politics and reveal the true level of corruption in the US government? I understand if this is not answered. Thank you Lincoln~

Question 6: 48:19

I would like to know why some countries are affected badly and others not much?

Question 7: 51:49

How to keep in trust and surrender when there is not enough money coming in and little prospect of earning anything in the near future. I was following my heart and my inner calling – left the ‘3D’ job in December and stepping up and into my healing work as a Sound Therapist. Now – all gone. How do we keep in trust when we need food and rent?

Question 8: 1:01:30

What do you mean when you say this isn’t a special virus, and it’s like any other virus? It seems you may be implying that this virus or any virus isn’t something to be worried about, and yet many people have suffered and died from many other sorts of viruses as well as from this one. Are you suggesting the virus is not deadly? Are you suggesting that people have been dying from it only due to their own fear? Or are you suggesting that viruses develop when many people are operating on a high level of unexamined fearfulness?

Question 9: 1:20:44

I am convinced by the teaching that what we understand is what we will create in our own life. But I don’t feel I myself have yet mastered this new way of creating sufficiently to feel confident that I can create the immunity to prevent sickness. (Also, if I myself DID feel immune, I would still worry about the vulnerability of many loved ones and even strangers who may not have this level of mastery.) If only people who HAVE attained enough self mastery ARE indeed immune, I’m guessing that’s a very small percentage of the population. So it seems to me the isolation tactics that most of the world put in place would indeed be the wisest, given how most of humanity is still operating. Are you suggesting that the stay at home orders were a useless tactic?

Thanks for clearing up my confusion!

Question 10: 1:26:55

Will the world change for the better because of this virus?

Question 11: 1:34:19

Can your higher self see the aura of others who have weak immune system ?

Thanks you for tuning into this question and answer video from Channel Higher Self. May you have a happy, healthy, spiritually rewarding Corona Virus experience.

Blessings and Love.

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