Spring Solstice: Living in Balance with Life and Spiritual Selves

Thursday, March 20th, 2014
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: March 20, 2014
Title: Spring Solstice: Living in Balance with Life and Spiritual Selves
Running Time: 45:28
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Spring Solstice: Living in Balance with Life and Spiritual Selves

To honor the Spring Solstice, the Higher Self will teach us how to create balance in our lives by living with a deeper spiritual connection. Understand the changes and challenges in your life in a new way. Find peace, clarity and freedom.

There are many teachings on creating balance and living in balance, but this Higher Self teaching is unique. Most other teachings will tell you to do something to create balance, such as imagining some colors, lights or imaginary scenes from your life, but the Higher Self guidance is deeper and more effective. Instead of using the mind or body to force balance onto the external world, we will learn how to truly cooperate with life by allowing our higher consciousness to guide us.

This Higher Self video examines the human experience in relation to the ever-changing world of forms. Often the forms of the world, our possessions, money, other people, our jobs, our families and life situations cause us to feel imbalanced and in stress. Most people try to create balance by two fundamental behaviors: detachment (solitary meditation, avoidance, denial, isolation, escape, etc.) or attachment (action, force, speech, argument, anger, imagination exercises, energy healing, etc.). These two actions of “moving away from” and “moving towards” form the foundation of free will choice and human life. These movements will create changes in our lives, but often they are not fully effective.

There is a third way that involves expanded consciousness, unconditional love, acceptance, clarity and wisdom. It is this third way that is rarely taught, yet the most effective way to create balance in our lives. This Higher Self video teaches you this third way to balance.

For those viewers who have studied ancient spirituality, you may find that some of the themes in this Higher Self video are similar to areas of Taoism, Native American and indigenous spiritual teachings. These concepts of natural harmony and living in balance are taught by the most ancient spiritual teachers in humanity. However in modern times, much of these teachings are ignored or unknown. Modern man lives in a state of constant externalization and action. This video will help you to connect deeper within to find your state of freedom, and then from this place allow life to guide you into balance. This is the path of wisdom and cooperation that leads to harmony, peace and balance.

Blessings and Love.

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