Simple Guided Meditation – Use Your Mind to Create How You Feel

Sunday, August 5th, 2018
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Satsang with the Self
Video: 345
Date: August 2, 2018
Title: Simple Guided Meditation – Use Your Mind to Create How You Feel
Running Time: 15:12

Simple Guided Meditation – Use Your Mind to Create How You Feel

Stop believing that your happiness is based on what happens in your external life. Start now and use the power you have within yourself to control how you feel in every moment. You have always had this creative power. Learn how to use your mind as the creator of your energy body.

In this Channel Higher Self video you will be guided in a manifestation experience that creates within yourself right now the experience of peace, happiness, oneness and love.

It is your understanding that shapes your human experience. Learn the power you have as a present moment creative consciousness.

The power of your mind is great – so great that what you believe to be true becomes the experience you will have. Do you believe that you must make money to become happy? Do you believe that you must have a romantic partner to be happy? Do you believe that you must obtain a degree or academic recognize to be intelligent?

If you believe that the happiness you want must wait for some future experience to manifest, then you are creating your suffering right now. Break free from this self-inflicted suffering. Gain the wisdom of an empower conscious creator.

What would happen if you started believing that God – the Source of all power, all peace, all knowledge and all happiness is existing here, right now, as everything? How would your life change if you lived with the knowledge that you and one with God?

We are souls awakening to the reality that we are creators. Learn how to use your mind to create your emotions and free yourself from the delusion that what happens in the external world controls your emotions.

Blessings and Love.

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  1. Sally Mercedes Ramirez says:

    Dear Lincoln,
    I have been listening to your videos for a while now and was moved to thank you for your work. Your website is a reliable place to be inspired with peace and divine love.

    Thank you for being instrumental in leading me to experience my power to control how I feel in every moment.

    With gratitude,

  2. Lincoln says:

    Thank you Mercedes for sharing your gratitude with me. I am happy that my videos have been helping you to awaken to more of your authentic self. May you be blessed in your journey of awakening.

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