Psychology for the Awakened – Remove Your Fear Completely

Friday, July 22nd, 2011
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Satsang with the Self
Video: 125
Date: July 22, 2011
Title: Psychology for the Awakened – Remove Your Fear Completely
Running Time: 36:12
Parts: 4

Psychology for the Awakened – Remove Your Fear Completely

Psychology for the Awakened is a video mini-series within the Satsang with the Self video series that teaches human psychology from the perspective of living in enlightened awareness, free from the ego. The information in this mini-series of videos will help you to gain mastery over your body, emotions, and mind as you journey towards spiritual enlightenment, Self-realization.

Does fear often keep you from meditating? Are you afraid something bad will happen if you remove your ego? This is a very common defense mechanism of the ego itself – to keep you from being free from suffering!

In the Higher Self Consciousness video, you will learn how to immediately transcend the ego’s self-destructive behaviors and limiting control over you. With only one simple practice you can immediately free yourself from the self-inflicted suffering that sometimes happens when your ego takes control of you and your energy system.

Ultimately, Spiritual Enlightenment is our nature state. When we learn how to recognize and cultivate this state of Realization within ourselves, then the path to Enlightenment becomes a joyous one – filled with deep, abiding peace and radiating blissful Love. Educate yourself while you practice. Stay awake in consciousness. Surrender your ego to God.

Many blessings and much Love!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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  1. Jacques says:

    Thank you, Lincoln, for these beautiful messages.

    Would it be possible to increase the sound volume in your next videos? In this last message I found it difficult to hear directly form my lap top without speakers.



  2. Jacques says:

    Dear Lincoln,

    Please forget my comment on the volume of sound.

    It was simply my own wrong adjustments on my lap top.



  3. juliette says:

    hello, I have been trying to open your videos for the last 3 months,with not success, I can see other Yutube videos in other programs, this happened lately, I was able tto open them without problems for a long time,what could be the problem?, I really miss your wonderful and inspiring videos .

  4. Lincoln says:

    It is likely that you have an outdated internet browser or outdated Flash player. You can download the newest version of your internet browser at the respecitve website or Flash at Abode’s website. Search “[name of the program] download” and you’ll get the newest version.

  5. Adrienne says:


    Thank you for the beautiful message and reminder to stay in awareness in the now moment! This was a great message about duality and our perception.

    Namaste, and many blessings!


  6. Ashley says:

    k, so, just a little while ago, i told my mom im goin to try this meditating ithing. and when i walked outside my mother asked me if i was goin to meditate, and right then i got a little embarrased cuz it was so out of the norm for my family to hear someone doin that. what does this mean?

  7. Lincoln says:

    Usually people act in ways that are common and expected, the ‘norm’ for our family and peer group. So when we do something different or even usual, we can feel a little anxiety or insecurity. This is because the personal ego is usually acting in ways allow us to receive approval from other people, and avoid things that result in disapproval. This is how people are conditioned from the time they are small children. Often times along the spiritual path, we must act in ways that honor our inner knowing or learning-based curiousity. It can be intimidating or confusing at times – because the new behavior is so different from what we are used to. By working through this inner discomfort we can expand our experiences, gain new knowledge and experience greater happiness. Following our challenges are often our greatest rewards. Blessings and Love.

  8. Ashley says:

    hey, should i do yoga first before i meditate.??

  9. Lincoln says:

    There are hundreds of yoga asanas, each having different purpose. Some sitting asanas (like Padmasana and Virasana) are traditional meditative postures that create a straight spine and effectively support your body while sitting for long periods of time. Other sitting asanas (Baddha Konasana, Eka Pada Rajakapotasana, Extended Leg Squat) are more active postures that open your hips to make it easier to sit for longer periods. Also some standing postures open the hips and stretch the legs and back to make sitting for meditation easier. Doing a full yoga routine with standing, sitting and balancing postures before meditating is also helpful – providing that your yoga is not tiring or too aerobically active. Originally yoga asanas were designed for meditation purposes – but in America yoga has become more like aerobics. The word ‘asana’ means “long steady posture”. The idea is that a posture is held while the breath is steady and relaxed, the eyes focused but relaxed, the mind firm and still, the body comfortably balanced. Sometimes if we have too much stress in our body and activity in our mind, performing a yoga routine helps to calm ourselves before meditation. I do recommend it.

  10. Ashley says:

    k so, im going through an awakening…umm i guess you can call it a collapse of the ego…now im stuck with feeling should i act..what should i do. cuz im not use to doin the things i use to.its quite an odd and challenging experience especially when im around others. cuz i know i give a bad vibe. and this leaves me feeling like im in a , lost, scared, heart beating super fast situation, haha cuz those times i use to act are different and not the true me….i guess im asking, how do i get myself back to reality, when im in an episode. instead of driving my mind into insanity.

  11. amaresh says:

    Thank you … u have released me from my state of anger and put me in peace with my mind
    You have saved me 🙂

  12. Lincoln says:

    I am happy to help. Blessings and Love. Namaste.

  13. jimmy says:

    dear lincoln recently while i was in awareness, still in my bed in the moning time, i started to have memories and emotional feelings from a few years ago in my past, i had not felt these feelings and memories in quite some time. i could feel the energies in my heart center and through various parts of my body. i have been allowing more and more of the awareness into my life, and am beginning to see life very clearly, with more and more peace and happiness, could these feelings be purifications of old past patterns? thank you

  14. Lincoln says:

    Yes they are part of the purification process. Often during this process, old unresolved memories or emotions will arise to be experienced, learned from and then released / cleansed / healed. Always remember that the energy of Love is what heals the broken or wounded parts of our psyche. Love is what unites us with each other and with God. Make Love your guiding force while you stay in awareness and allow your energy system to transform. Blessings and Love.

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