Psychology for the Awakened – Ego Transcendence Chakra Purification

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: June 28, 2011
Title: Psychology for the Awakened – Ego Transcendence Chakra Purification
Running Time: 44:48
Parts: 5

Psychology for the Awakened – Ego Transcendence Chakra Purification

Psychology for the Awakened is a video mini-series within the Satsang with the Self video series that examines the human psyche and multi-dimensional human mind, body, emotion system. The information in this mini-series of videos will help you to gain mastery over your body, emotions, and mind as you journey towards spiritual enlightenment, Self-realization.

Ego Transcendence Chakra Purification examines the nature of the human psyche / personal ego self in relation to our emotional and energetic responses to the external world. Understand how the emotional energies are created in the chakra system. Learn how the experiences captured by our five physical senses have formed impressions in our mind that then drive our emotional experiences later in life. Understand how an awakened consciousness experiences the emotions and chakras compared to the subconscious ego-driven chakras.

In this Higher Self video you will be taught why the practice of genuine meditation (the act of staying in conscious awareness) is the only method that will take a person beyond the experience of ego-identification and thereby completely purify the emotions and chakra energies that at usually driven by subconscious impressions in the mind. Understand why meditation has always been the final practice in any genuine spiritual system, giving you true freedom, bliss and Love.

Many blessings and much Love!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Thanks, Lincoln! I really enjoyed this video message from Higher Self. The Psychology series of messages are so timely for me because I am practicing Awareness…watch, look, listen, feel, observe. I Am Awareness aware of my own Awareness, my eternal Consciousness. I feel like this is the true ‘Me’ who has been ‘Me’ all along. I am feeling familiar with my Consciousness.

    I have become a lot more in tuned with my human energy system. I am amazed at how much I ‘know’ through being in this State of Awareness. I am knowledge receiver when I am in Conscious Awareness. I have asked so many questions and get answers. This is definitely a Conscious Intelligence that exists everywhere and within us. My Consciousness is always in the background always perceiving, whether I am awake or asleep. I notice that it is there. I only have to realize it in Conscious Awareness when I put my focus on it. Sometimes when I forget, then I just go back to it with ‘no sweat’, no anxiety, no worry…it is Loving and always accepting.

    I do not try to fight the thoughts. I simply let them be and learn from them. I learn from them through the movements of my human energy system – thoughts and emotions. I find myself always tracing the attention, to the thought, to the emotion, and out into the physical manifestation in my body. Consciousness is helping me to weed out what does not feel good and how I happen upon it, so that I remain in a good feeling place more often. Higher Self is teaching me to be completely honest with myself for this transformation from imposter ‘control’ living to living in Awareness from meditation and flowing outward into my daily life activities longer. I am dealing with the imposter by noticing it and allowing it to be, but focusing not on it as much as Conscious Awareness. The imposter is there and part of the Whole System, so I do not create inner battles to resist it. I know it is me and realize it. I am learning how my imposter works and simply practice letting it be without force or judgment.

    I am learning to simply let thoughts pass through my being instead of identifying with them, which impacts my energy system. I am now a lot more aware of my energy system and very sensitive to it. In fact, I feel my energy build when I stay in Awareness. I still forget and fall back into a subconscious state, then I feel drained. I am learning how to maintain my state of Awareness because that is a good feeling place. Consciousness is teaching me that this is the practice, this is the Essence of Being in Love, Happiness and Peace, which gives us Blissful living. I focus on being in Awareness where the world looks so much brighter and clearer than when living in a state of confusion and frustration from the imposter. No wonder we can get ill from it! I feel more alive. I am learning how to focus on my ability to learn how to direct the flow of energy, as opposed to having it direct me…to be a Conscious Creator.

    I simply let Higher Self Consciousness guide me to my next experience toward self-realization. I receive the next step toward self-realization and deeper understanding of my true Self when I am ready for it. It always comes when I am ready for it. Now I am learning a lot about my Eternal Nature because I am Aware that it comes through my meditation and life experiences. I learned that it is because I remain open to the experience. If I am having a time when I am not, then I refocus and find myself immediately back to receiving knowledge about my Eternal Nature and guided by Higher Self Consciousness. I am learning to allow. Just to be as I Am and to allow others to be as they are…perfection in this eternal moment of Consciousness.

    Namaste, and Many Blessings!



    Lincoln Reply:

    You have learned so much and grown so much over the year that we have worked together. I am so happy for your Adrienne. It is your own dedication to this path that has brought you so much growth, peace, happiness and Love. In life, we get out what we put in. And you have put in so much. Blessings and Love. Namaste.


  2. Colin says:

    Hey Lincoln, can you define what you mean by karma?


    Lincoln Reply:

    Karma is defined differently by different people. The literal translation is ‘action’ and pertains to cause and effect. This means that all of our actions create effects in this world. Our personal self and all of creation must experience the resultant of our actions. The identification of the personal self (ego) with it’s own actions (word, thought, deed) is what perpetuates one’s personal karma. As long as their is identification with the ego, it can be said that there is personal karma. Once the personal self is transcended and the experience of One Consciousness is had, then personal karma is no longer relevant. There is no more individual doer, instead we all are part of and one with the entire doing of life.


  3. Colin says:

    Ok, thank you for your reply.


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