Psychology for the Awakened – Acceptance and Denial

Saturday, May 28th, 2011
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: May 28, 2011
Title: Psychology for the Awakened – Acceptance and Denial
Running Time: 25:19
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Psychology for the Awakened – Acceptance and Denial

This Channel Higher Self mini-series teaches knowledge gained by living in the awakened state – observing, transforming, and purifying the personal ego and our collective human behavior. By watching this mini-series of video you will gain greater mastery over the process of spiritual purification, psychological self-healing, and ego transcendence.

Acceptance and Denial is the first video in this Satsang with this Self mini-series. This video sets the foundation for genuine Self-realization spiritual growth. Learn how to effectively live in the state of conscious awareness and peaceful acceptance of all that is occurring in this moment. It is our own judgment of and resistance to the world and other people that causes much of our suffering. By remaining in the state of conscious awareness, you are able to create the necessary space between your and your thoughts and emotions that will facilitate genuine healing and personal transformation.

Ultimately, the truth is. Regardless of how much we resist or deny the truth, we cannot change it. It is wiser to accept the truth and give yourself the freedom to change because of it.

Many blessings and much Love!

Part 1

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Part 3

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Lincoln, thanks for lovingly giving us another mini-series! I am so looking forward to it because I found this lesson very, very helpful. You gave us specific instructions from Higher Self on how to create space between our egos and Self. This was an enlightening and clear message about how to make conscious choices in our lives. You told us how to accept ourselves, every moment, every person we encounter, every thought and event…without judgment. This helped me to better realize myself as the Creative Consciousness who perceives all that is in awareness. This message gave me greater insight on how to become more of an ‘allower’.

    Lately, I have been focusing more on being aware and noticing how my thoughts cause certain emotions. Higher Self is guiding me to go through myself like a book. I feel and follow each emotion and come to the realization of the thoughts that cause my various emotions. I believe this is part of the purification process that I am going through right now on my Spiritual Journey toward self-realization. Now, I am learning to create or not create certain emotions because I do not look at my thoughts as being in control of me. I focus on letting thoughts float through me. The hardest part is that I am learning to not judge any aspect of myself or others, but to see all of life as neutral and not anything to push away or to judge because all aspects of life are from the same Source. Although, I must say that I believe that Higher Self is working with me on this in a way that is specific to me, so I do not worry about it. I just go back to being in a state of awareness, put my attention on love and listen for guidance. It seems that I am guided from this state of existence. I feel most comfortable here and prefer to remain existing here. Now when I slip back into an old habit of being judgmental I realize it right away and immediately go back to being in connection with Higher Self. I do not feel guilty or bad about it. I simply accept it and see it as another learning experience on my spiritual path. The layers of the onion are being peeled away!

    I am learning how to consciously use my energy. In fact, I think that I am beginning to actually ‘see’ certain forms of light energy. It was a bit strange at first and I was not sure what it was, but then realized that I was seeing energy in my environment. It was subtle and magical. It just happened without any warning. I was going through my normal routine and began to see another dimension of energy that I had not seen before in my current incarnation. I saw energy in several places…in my house, outside in the street, in the backyard, when I was preparing food in my kitchen. It was as if I had a light body that traversed into another dimension of energetic awareness, yet only a part of me was there because I was still here too.

    Thank you for all that you do for us, Lincoln!

    Much Love, and Namaste,


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