Psychology for the Awakened – Creating Your Perception

Saturday, June 4th, 2011
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: June 4, 2011
Title: Psychology for the Awakened – Creating Your Perception
Running Time: 44:52
Parts: 5

Psychology for the Awakened – Creating Your Perception

This Channel Higher Self mini-series teaches human psychology gained by living in the awakened state. By watching this mini-series of videos you will gain greater mastery over your mind, emotions and personal self. You will better understand the process of spiritual purification, psychological self-healing, and ego transcendence.

Creating Your Perception is the second video in this Satsang with this Self mini-series. In this video we examine the nature of perception and the role that our mind plays in creating and altering our perception of ourselves and of our external world. We will examine the layers through which our perception is being created and how our thoughts create our emotional responses and physical actions in our lives.

We all live in an experience of energy manifesting within consciousness. The appearance of this experience may be very similar to all of us, however each person will perceive this experience differently based upon how the mind is forming its perception. Some people will respond to one event with happiness, yet another person will respond with sadness to that same event. This simple example shows us that perception is independent in each person. In this Higher Self video we will look more deeply at the factors determining our perceptions. Perception includes not only how we respond to life, but also what our senses are actually showing us about this world and other dimensions. Ultimately we will learn how to become more conscious of and in control of our own perception and life.

Many blessings and much Love!

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Lincoln, thank you so much for sharing your guidance in this powerful message from Higher Self! It is a clear path to total Oneness and Awareness. You showed us the Way. You really broke it down for us. This was a practical lesson that tells us exactly how to live in a state of Pure Bliss…through silence and Awareness. Higher Self has taught me that we are already Consciousness, Love, Eternal Bliss, Pure, Perfect, Whole with no separation. We do not have to become anything because we already are All That Is. Higher Self lessons taught me that we have to stop allowing our ego to separate out All That Is because All that exists ‘is’ God and we are God. How can we be separate from our Self? How can we divide that which is already perfect and whole?

    On my spiritual journey with Higher Self I learned that we have to give ourselves a chance to remember Who we are in our natural state of Being and Love. We set our intention, desire, trust, and stay in awareness because Higher Self always provides the guidance. We are always provided for in every way. Higher Self teaches me through life experience and an inner instinctual knowing that seems outside of the realms of my intellectual thoughts. It comes from a peaceful knowing. After I learn from life experience and digest, then Higher Self gives me more, but never more than I am ready for. I for thirst Self-knowledge, trust and watch. I am learning how my different thoughts affect and change my emotional energy field. This is helping me to become a conscious creator. I see how thoughts cause all of our suffering. They are self-inflicted due to our judgments of Life and separating ourselves out from the Love of All That Is!

    I am continuing my practice of staying in awareness and it is becoming easier. The real task as you mentioned in your video, is remaining in awareness not just during my meditation, but when I am going about my daily tasks in the world. I noticed that my mind is like a magnet and can be easily magnetized back to an old habit, so I practice a focus on awareness when speaking, walking, driving, working, etc. If I temporarily forget, then I go back to a state of awareness as soon as I remember it.

    Higher Self is guiding me and life is teaching me. It is like I have a constant Loving Companion and gentle Guide. I am learning more than words can express. I do not feel separate or alone, but part of the unity and flow of life by placing a focus on awareness and Love. My mind is not as active. I feel less identity with who I once was, but coming to a realization of who I Am as the eternal uncreated formless Consciousness AND the changing temporal form experience. I feel like a blended Being who is in the process of re-emerging as both the Form and the Formless.

    Yes, I forgot who I Am! Thanks to Higher Self and your Love for us, I am on the spiritual path of remembering and learning, Who I Am and What Life Is.

    Much Love and thank you!



  2. Elonda says:

    Thank you Lincoln for this beautiful message once again, I’ve gained so much knowledge from this video. I am on my spiritual path and this just helped me understand how the ego really works in our lives and how to overcome its dominance and return to our natural selves. Personally I am working diligently on getting to this state, it seems the more I try to reach this state the more difficulties life throws at me. Thanks to the Higher Self I am able to keep moving forward toward staying in awareness. Although there is much more to overcome on my journey, I am so blessed to have these tools to show me the way.

    Much Love and Peace,


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