Mind Mastery: Embrace Your Total Self

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015
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Satsang with the Self
Video: 279
Date: September 9, 2015
Title: Mind Mastery: Embrace Your Total Self
Running Time: 30:48

Mind Mastery: Embrace Your Total Self

What we identify with, we experience ourselves as. Your personality is a thought structure based on memories in the brain. Your soul is a timeless energy structure with expanded knowledge. Your Self is all form, all emptiness and beyond both. Realize your Total Self in this channeled teaching.

We are the creators of our realities. Perception plus mind equals reality. Our personal perception and what arises within it is all that we will ever know. Your mind is your consciousness’ creative tool to shape your reality as you decide. Master your mind and you master your reality.

In this Channel Higher Self video on Mind Mastery, we examine the topic of personal identification. What you identify yourself as being, you experience yourself as. For most people, the voice in their brain area is what they identify with – therefore they create a personal reality based on their thoughts and socially-conditioned memories. Those on the spiritual path are working to free themselves from a thought-based reality. They practice meditation to quiet the thoughts but rarely do they understand that a deeper law is at work. What you identify yourself as, you experience yourself as. Why struggle to silence the thought, when you can simply shift your attention away from the thought structure and be free?

By changing the object of your identification from your thought-based personality to the deeper intelligence of your soul, you free yourself from the time-bound limitations of this lifetime – i.e., your karma. Take this spiritual transformation process one step deeper and free your soul identification to experience the Total Self.

Your reality has been given to you to create. What you hold in your mind you experience as your reality. Master your mind and your reality is yours to shape!

Blessings and Love.

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  1. Colin says:

    “Whether rain or sun my eyes still shine. Whether night or day my light is present. Whether as myself or with others I am always one.”

    – Lincoln The Channel For Higher Self
    Mind Mastery: Embrace Your Total Self
    Satsang with the Self Video # 279

  2. Colin says:

    “Mind mastery ,dear ones, gives you the keys to bring in to your life that which you decide as your creation. That which you can create is relative to who you know yourself to be, and to how you define your reality.”

    – Lincoln The Channel For Higher Self
    Mind Mastery: Embrace Your Total Self
    Satsang with the Self Video # 279

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