Method of the Spiritual Masters – Violet Light Energy Ray Reprogramming

Saturday, March 26th, 2011
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Satsang with the Self
Video: 107
Date: March 26, 2011
Title: Method of the Spiritual Masters – Violet Light Energy Ray Reprogramming
Running Time: 60:53
Parts: 7

Method of the Spiritual Masters – Violet Light Energy Ray Reprogramming

At this time of great change in humanity and upon this Earth, new light energy frequencies are being channeled into this planet’s energy systems and energy grids. Of these new energies, the Violet Flame / Violet Light / Violet Ray energy frequency is one of the most well-known. In this higher consciousness meditation, you will learn how to work with the Violet Light to reprogram layers of your human energy system.

In the last century, the Violet Flame energy has been gaining increasing use among the New Age spiritual communities. A powerful transformation tool, the Violet Flame allows a person to bring new knowledge and information into the cells of the body, the emotions and chakras, and the layers of mind. Learn how to effectively work with this Violet Light frequency to bring about new changes in your human energy system.

This is powerful Higher Self guided meditation and energy healing method is designed to follow the previous Channel Higher Self video called: Method of the Spiritual Masters – Working with the Golden Light of Christ. Two more Channel Higher Self videos will follow in this Method of the Spiritual Masters video mini-series. Please watch them in the correct order. These guided meditation videos are designed to create expedited spiritual growth in short amounts of time, with harmony, ease, balance and support from the higher spiritual dimensions of Light.

Many blessings and much Love!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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Part 7

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Hi Lincoln,

    This Higher Self teaching was an eye opener for me to experience and learn how to ‘distinguish’ between energies of light. The difference between the energy of the purple light and the pure white Light was different. The purple light was very subtle and peaceful as you mentioned, but it did not excite me. I always feel an ecstatic energy state in the pure white Light radiating from my Spiritual Heart. It has a magnetizing effect on me. I feel total and whole when in the white Light. I feel at home there. The purple light had a calming effect, but it did not come close to this energy. Higher Self has taught me more about how to ‘distinguish’ and recognize Truth in this video. I learned that I the only place to look for Truth and Love is within my Spiritual Heart. Thank you for another enlightening message!

    Much Love,



  2. Lee says:

    When I first saw the violet ray video title, I immediately thought ‘can such a thing be actually necessary?’ (given the ‘all-sufficient’ quality the white love universal self frequency had already demonstrated to me).

    As it turned out, that was your whole point! However, the exercise was still very worthwhile as a direct experiential felt demonstration of the profound difference between the all-inclusive and the partial.

    There will be many beings, who, experiencing the positive qualities of the violet light, will remain there (for some time) – distracted from the white!

    This is an interesting and widespread situation in so-called spirituality – the circumstance of a partial or limited phenomenon being embraced as if it were necessary or ultimate, simply because it seems more elevated or exotic than a being’s previous experience.

    It’s interesting that the purported ‘masters’ (embodied or disembodied) are thus often the opponents of happiness and love!

    Also a timeless and magnificent phrase in this video, something like: “there are those who can guide you – but none who can stand between you.”

    If only humanity at large knew that one!

  3. Lincoln says:

    What you say is true. As we are able to remain in a state of open receptive awareness and observe our direct experience, we bring ourselves greater knowledge about manifest reality. There are many dimensions in ourself and many experiences that are possible. Some of us intuitively know that only Total Enlightenment is our desire. So for us, we are direct in our intention and pursuits and thus experience less distraction, confusion and suffering. However there are others who do not have such a strong foundation in themselves, and therefore are more easily led astray by inferior spiritual teachings and states of experiences. Our intention that is our rudder and our devotion that is the wind in our sails. By having both working in harmony we will reach our destination most effectively. Blessings and Love.

  4. Lee says:

    Read that, great!

    When I watch the videos here, the content always corresponds to my own intuitions and experience. It’s amazing that in the world everything is being made by mind and perspective to seem (insolubly) complex and Love is often pooh poohed as a naive and Pollyanna-ish proposal. Yet, that which resides in one single raindrop of love would solve all the problems of the world!

    Given the message of the video, it is quite amusing that the content-based adsense ads are automatically showing ads for the ‘violet flame of St Germain’ just across from where I’m writing!

    Eternal Light,

  5. Sylvan says:

    That was awesome!

    Thank you lincoln for making this video!
    I was reticent about this mini-series because to me visualing individually colored light always seemed limiting, it was great to try though, and then discover the difference.
    To tell you the truth, your snicker is what snapped me back to my self 😀
    If any prank is great, this is, it is only followed by laughter and reminds me of how I felt as a child. Thank you again, I am very grateful.
    Namaste, dear friend.

  6. Timothy Baugh says:

    Dear Lincoln, It is good that people question everything(even authority) if they are ever to know the Ultimate Truth of Being. For those who are afraid of such a skeptical attitude, I ask: “What if the whole world were to accept anything as the Truth? Where would we be then?” Apparently, many individuals DO accept things by blind faith alone. This only furthers the ignorance and mental blindness that all are working to overcome the minute they are born into the world. If we are afraid to ask the really hard questions then our security is truly fragile. Better to live in “the Light” than to stumble in “the Darkness”. You will only offend those who are stubborn against any real change in their lives. Continue to speak your truth no matter what that means to others. Namaste, Love Conquers All.

  7. Lincoln says:

    Hello Timothy. As I see it, much of humanity is already accepting unfounded ideas as truth. Few people question everything they read, hear and see. Few people have a desire to be meticulous with their minds. My video on Impeccable Action speaks about this topic and why we must be very discerning about what we believe and how we act.

    Fear is a root chakra issue. It can be difficult for a person to accept the truth that in every moment more is unknown to them than is known, and that the greatest unknown, death, can come in any moment. Even our next breath is a mystery and outside of our control. We all must work through this root chakra restriction to ascend past our mortal fears.

    The ego projects an illusion of security in nearly every moment. It fills one’s head with distracting thought to avoid the naked truth of this moment – that we are no one, nothing, solitary perception. Yet when a person has the courage to face reality on reality’s terms, then the fear will melt away as the projected illusion that it is. And true endless freedom will be the reward. I am not speaking only rhetoric. One will have this exact experience when they are truly willing to surrender their ego and face reality. But most are not willing to give up the temporary distractions to realize the Eternal Truth. We are like babes hypnotized by the mobile hanging over the cradle, unaware of the cage that we can simply climb out of.

    This is not bad or wrong in any way. Rather this is how creation continues. Awareness captured by the dancing lights of creation. It is the original design of manifest life. The only way that life could continue for eternity.

    And so we celebrate this experience in Love, but never forgetting that we are truly empty, formless, One.

    I think that you may enjoy all of my 21st Century Shamanism videos. They are quite compelling and express a view similar to what I have just shared and to what you are perceiving.

    Blessings and Love Timothy. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Colin says:

    Do you recommend using the violet flame? Or do you recommend avoiding it entirely?

  9. Lincoln says:

    Working with only one chakra or wavelength of energy is not a complete method for spiritual development. It is necessary to work with the entire human energy system and all chakras to experience balanced and complete awakening.

    This video will help you to understand a very popular energy practice (working the the “violet flame”), however this method is not intended to replace the greater Spiritual Heart meditation or full energy system meditations.

  10. rose ma rain says:

    Dear Lincoln,

    While I was listening to your message I was actually doing my own things, rather than sitting with my eyes closed in meditation. but after a few minutes I decided to try and be obedient and sit still and close my eyes. What followed is that i experienced precisely that what you describe and after a while I started smiling as I noticed your stumbling against your self created wall. I smiled more and more as your message continued.
    Thank you for making me smile so.

  11. Lincoln says:

    Wonderful Rose Ma Rain. I am happy for you. When we honor ourselves by being with ourselves, wonderful things happen. Continue your good work. Namaste.

  12. Andreas says:

    LIncoln, this was the best explanation of meditation on rays I ever heard. I always prefer the pure white light. So would you say that what you said is true for the golden Christ light also – for me it seems so?!

    There is still one issue: the highest light is colorless – would you say the (brillant) white light is the first emanation of the Absolute?

    Namaste! Greetings from Vienna, Austria!

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