Layers of the Energy Body Mind & Self Mastery

Saturday, April 25th, 2009
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: April 25, 2009
Title: Layers of the Energy Body Mind & Self Mastery
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Layers of the Energy Body Mind & Self Mastery

Healing, and Manifesting with the Higher Self

This Satsang with the Self sessions presents an in-depth look at the layers of our energy body mind – conscious, subconscious, and super conscious Higher Self.

We have within our physical body an energy body. This energy body has layers of varying vibration. Within these layers are stored thoughts, beliefs, and memories. At the one of deepest layers of our energy body are the ideas of humanity. At another layer are the beliefs that we inherited from our family. At a shallow layer exist the beliefs that we formed during this lifetime.

This Satsang with the Self includes a guided meditation that takes a person first into the experience of Consciousness and then into the experience of the layers of the energy body. To create positive change and personal healing, the Higher Self guides us in the use of a simple, direct, and powerful transformative affirmation. Using this affirmation we are able to effectively remove the subconscious beliefs in our mind and energy body that are not in alignment with Divine Love and our Higher Self.

It is important to first experience ourselves as Consciousness so that we can more effectively transform the layers of our energy body and mind. Removal of the personal identification with our ideas allows us to more easily create the positive change that we desire. Self mastery begins with the correct understanding of the Self as pure Consciousness and ends with the full experience of the Oneness of all life as Pure Love.

Many blessings and much Love!

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