How to Truly Trust in God When Life is Difficult with Suffering

Tuesday, July 17th, 2018
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: July 17, 2018
Title: How to Truly Trust in God When Life is Difficult with Suffering
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How to Truly Trust in God When Life is Difficult with Suffering

There are 2 ways to build a relationship with ourselves and with God. One way is based on wisdom and truth. The other way is based on ignorance. This video will help you to follow the path of wisdom and truth.

God exists as the Intelligence in everything, the Energy as everything and the the Awareness of everything. To develop a genuine relationship of trust with God, we must learn to be present with all the forms of life as they express themselves without our own mind’s resistance arising. By staying in non-bias awareness, our mental and emotional energies are still. They are not desiring (attraction) and they are not resisting (avoidance). This is the sattvic state of mind.

The sattvic state of peaceful, non-bias awareness allows a person to enter into expanded states of perception. The forms of life essentially open themselves to our consciousness and we perceive more of their inner workings. We perceive more clearly the intelligence and energy of every form – whether in our own minds or the minds of others, in our own emotions or the emotions of others, in our bodies or in the physical forms of this world. In that state of still-minded awareness, we perceive more clearly how life works, how the forms in the 3 dimensions are interacting to create the changes we experience in our lives.

Living in this sattvic state of mind allows us to develop a true relationship of trust in God. By having a deeper perception and understanding of life, we learn that God is constantly responding to us. We are creators and the experiences of our external lives have always been a result of our internal creations. We realize that we can no longer blame others for the life experiences we are having. We realize that we have always existed as the creators at the center of our lives. Now that we having a greater understanding of how life works, we can actively co-create with God as a conscious creator – which is greatly different than a reactive subconsciously-driven creator.

This Higher Self video teachings will help you to develop a true, effective trust in God. Having genuine trust in God is very different than having blind faith, hope, and praying for personal desires. Genuine trust is built in a relationship having accurate perception and understanding.

To truly trust in God, we must be able to perceive God and “God’s intelligence at work” in our lives. Then we have something perceptible to connect our trust to. This makes trusting God a tangible experience rather than disconnected thoughts (hopes) and prayers for a desirable future.

Watch this Higher Self channeled video teaching to help you create a relationship of genuine trust in God. Watch as your life unfolds with greater peace and happiness.

Blessings and Love.

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