Freedom from Stress is Living from the Heart

Saturday, September 18th, 2010
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: September 18, 2010
Title: Freedom from Stress is Living from the Heart
Running Time: 33:46
Parts: 4

Freedom from Stress is Living from the Heart

Stress causes unhappiness, sickness, disease and suffering. In this Channel Higher Self spiritual teaching video, learn what the root cause of stress is in your mind, body and emotions. Gain valuable understanding and insight into how and why you are creating stress in your life. Learn how to free yourself from your stressful thoughts, emotions and behavior. Learn how you can live in peace and Love.

Each person is responsible for how he/she creates his/her perception of and response to the external world. We all create within our minds beliefs that determine how we perceive events, people, and interactions in our lives. We all create beliefs that influence how we response or automatically react to our environment. By understanding the power we have in creating our initial perception of the world, we are free to change how we experience our daily life and ourselves. By understanding how our thoughts create our emotions and internal state, we can gain freedom and control over how we respond to situations in the world.

Let this Higher Self spiritual teaching video help you to better understand yourself so that you can become a more powerful and more loving co-creator of your life. Each of us has been given the gift of co-creation. Let us learn to understand it, so that we can honor the gift of life and help make this world a stress-free place for everyone to enjoy.

Many blessings and much Love!

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Part 4

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  1. Timothy says:

    Dear Lincoln, Thank you and the Higher Consciousness for this video series. When, in our day by day lives our minds become bombarded by the ever-ready, distracting ‘ voices’ of those thoughts which would divert our attention; it is then that we MUST quiet ourselves and seek to reconnect ourselves with the SOURCE of our being. Other people cannot create how we percieve this world unless we PERMIT them to. As a loving,obedient child seeks guidance, direction, and support from his or her parent; so let us turn our hearts away from the chatter of others that would disturb our inner peace and to our True Parent. Let us desire to honor, respect, and learn from this SOURCE alone. Then will our life be full of joy and we will become truly blessed. Much Love and Peace to All. God Bless All With No Exceptions. Timothy.

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