Higher Self Channeling Session for Successful Emotional Healing

Sunday, June 10th, 2018
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Date: June 8, 2018
Title: Higher Self Channeling Session for Successful Emotional Healing
Running Time: 39:54

Higher Self Channeling Session for Successful Emotional Healing

Take a look into a Channeling Higher Self Session with Lincoln of Channel Higher Self. The best approach to emotional healing and transformation of karma is the focus of this session. The information can help many people. This is the reason why this section of the personal session has been made public. Permission by the client has been given.

For this session, a client and Lincoln spent 30 minutes speaking one-on-one about his current life challenges and then, after this conversation, Lincoln began his Higher Self channeling. The first 30 minutes of conversation has not been made public in order to honor the privacy of the client.

This session is being shared because the Higher Self presents a guided meditation and very important wisdom that can help many people to understand more about self-transformtion – especially how to approach one’s own emotional experience. The emotions are the language of the human experience. When we correctly understand the language of emotion and how to work with our emotions, our human journey becomes immensely easier and very enjoyable.

This video includes:

Learn how to approach your process of self-transformation and self-healing.
Learn the most effective core concepts to make psychological healing effective.
Learn how to work with emotional feelings and personal suffering.
Learn why removing resistance to feeling one’s own emotions is necessary.
Learn how to understand the human emotions as teachers for enlightenment and not as a problem.
Add a daily practice of communing with God Within to support your spiritual growth.

In this Higher Self channeling session, and in all sessions, all of this spiritual knowledge is given to the client while the client is energetically held in the Higher Self energy. This offers the client a state of deeper spiritual consciousness and deeper human psychological awareness. By first connecting into the Spiritual Heart with the energetic support of the Higher Self, the client’s subconscious mind is made more accessible and the knowledge spoken by the Higher Self can have a more much more significant transformational effect in the mind of the client. This makes the client’s own journey of personal transformation much easier.

There are many remarkable ways that working together with the Higher Self consciousness can help you on your spiritual journey of awakening. If you are interested in receiving your own Higher Self channeling, you may contact the channel through his website https://channelhigherself.com/contact/

* Do not contact the channel through YouTube or Facebook. He does not check these messages regularly due to the high amount of spam.

Blessings and Love.

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