Knowledge for Humanity’s Spiritual Ascension Process

Thursday, December 31st, 2009
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Date: December 31, 2009
Title: Knowledge for Humanity’s Spiritual¬†Ascension Process
Running Time:9:58
Part: 33 of 37

Download all 37 parts of this 2 hour-20 minute interview video with the link above.

Knowledge for Humanity’s Spiritual¬†Ascension Process

Humanity is experiencing a faster rate of spiritual growth at this time on our Earth. This process of spiritual growth is called The Ascension Process. Learn more about The Ascension Process in this Channel Higher Self video interview.

This video is one of 37 videos that are part of a 2 hour and 20 minute Higher Self interview. In these 38 videos, I answer many questions and speak on many topics related to the Higher Self Consciousness, personal spiritual experiences, the Spiritual Ascension process, December 21, 2012, Spiritual Love, Spiritual Wisdom, Spiritual Power, the personal ego mind, God, the Soul, and Spiritual Enlightenment.

I also share some of my own experiences while channeling the Higher Self Consciousness and comment on others’ experiences from watching and meditating with the Channel Higher Self videos.

This is a highly informative group of videos that will bring you to a deeper understanding of the Higher Self Consciousness and the process of Spiritual transformation that happens when working with the Higher Self Consciousness. Many commonly asked questions are answered and common misunderstandings are cleared up. May these 38 videos help you in your process of Spiritual awakening.

Many blessings and much Love!

The complete 2 hour and 20 minute Higher Self interview can be downloaded in mp3 audio file format at:

Complete list of videos that form this 2 hour and 20 minute Channel Higher Self interview:

01. What is the Higher Self? Is it God?

02. What is the Higher Self? Is it the Soul?

03. What is the Higher Self? Love, Wisdom and Power

04. What is the Higher Self? Is it a separate being?

05. Dissolving into the Stream of Pure Consciousness Energy

06. Connecting with the Stream of Knowledge

07. Surrendering the Personal Ego to Become Love

08. Love, Wisdom and Power. Love is the Greatest.

09. Symptoms Created by Dimensional Spiritual Experiences

10. Two-fold Connection to the Higher Self

11. All Desires End in Love

12. Living from the Higher Self, not the Personal Ego Mind

13. Learning to Live from the Higher Self

14. Love is the Carrier of Wisdom and Creative Power

15. My Path from Silent Mind of Zen to Divine Love of Self 1

16. My Path from Silent Mind of Zen to Divine Love of Self 2

17. Everyone’s Consciousness is the Higher Self

18. Spiritual Heart and the Buddha State of No Suffering

19. Look Beyond Religions and Spiritual Systems to Find Your Self

20. Direct Transmission of Enlightenment Energy

21. Spiritual Rules of Conduct Examined

22. Love Your Neighbor as Your Self

23. An Enlightened Human is a Normal Human

24. Love Flows Through Us into this World

25. Finding the Teacher Within

26. Becoming Your Own Master

27. Higher Self is the First Manifestation of God

28. Unmanifest Aspect of God

29. Love is Perfection Beyond the Mind

30. Love is Timeless

31. Love is Dynamic

32. Higher Self Teaches Through Experience

33. Knowledge for Humanity’s Ascension Process

34. Ascension and December 21, 2012

35. Insight on the Higher Self Guided Chakra Meditation

36. Insight on the Crown Chakra Baptism

37. 99 Days 99 Channels Experience and Transformation

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