2012 Awakening: Message – Meditation – Empowerment with Light Body Activation

Friday, March 22nd, 2013
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Prepare for the 2012 spiritual awakening by connecting your Spiritual Heart Center to your crown chakra to activate your Light Body.

The 2012 Awakening: Message, Meditation, Empowerment CD by Higher Self Teachings will guide you on your journey to greater self-understanding and spiritual growth. This CD will educate you about the current growth period in human consciousness and offer you tips and tools to work with these changes in your own life. The concepts and information in this CD is basic enough for the person at any level of spiritual knowledge, from the most basic beginner to the more advanced meditator.

Listen to a sample of the entire album in this YouTube video.

Purchase your own copy of the CD or mp3 album at http://higherselfteachings.com/cds/2012-awakening-message-meditation-empowerment/


In this 70 minute Higher Self channeling you will learn about the spiritual and energetic changes that are happening within humanity and how you can most effectively participate in your own spiritual awakening. December 21, 2012 marks the end of an era of human confusion and suffering and the beginning of humanity’s spiritual Golden Age.

The first 30 minutes of this HIGHER SELF CHANNELING teaches information about the 2012 awakening that is personal, direct, and easy to understand — helping you to clearly see the central purpose of the 2012 event. Tips and tools are given to help you empower your awakening as a conscious co-creator and effective manifestor in your life. With proper knowledge, the path of spiritual growth is clearer and easier to travel.

The second part is a 40 minute Higher Self GUIDED MEDITATION and Light Body Activation to help you align yourself with your inner spiritual nature and the new energies entering our planet. By energetically aligning yourself, you will be able to spiritually grow with greater ease and at an accelerated rate.

The entire CD is an ENERGY EMPOWERMENT connecting you more fully to your Higher Self. By applying the information in this CD and working with the Light Body activation meditation you will notice many great changes in your life as you more fully aligned with your Higher Self.

This 70 minute teaching is accompanied by meditative music composed specifically for humanity’s ascension.

May the Higher Self guidance help you to experience a more natural, balanced, and enjoyable 2012 awakening.

* * * RECORDED ON 11-11-11 AT 11:11:11 * * *

This Higher Self teaching CD was recorded live on November 11, 2011 at 11:11:11 (local time) to capture the energy of humanity’s monumental 11-11-11 empowerment.

By recording this message, meditation and empowerment at this exact time, the greatest embodiment of 11-11 energy in modern human history was energetically imprinted in this CD. Many light workers, meditators and healers feel a strong affinity with the numbers 11-11 — recognizing it as a gateway to the nonphysical spiritual dimensions.


In this Higher Self Light Body Activation, your awareness is guided from the densest layer (the physical body) into the next subtle energy layer called the vital body or prana body. Located in the vital body are the major and minor chakras and the energy channels (nadis or meridans). Next, the meditation guides your awareness into the mental body, then into the body of knowledge and finally into the body of bliss: the Light Body. From the center of your Light Body (the Spiritual Heart) blissful energy is radiated outwards through the denser bodies and into the crown chakra of the vital body where it harmonizes with the cosmic energies that are guiding the 2012 awakening.


Order your CD or mp3 album at http://higherselfteachings.com/cds/2012-awakening-message-meditation-empowerment/

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