Relationship Mastery – Communication and Energy Skills to Cocreate Happiness | Higher Self Inner Circle – Spring 2021

Tuesday, March 9th, 2021
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Receive 3 months of channeled teachings to help you master your relationships. Learn from the Higher Self about:

  • the energy of relationships,
  • why we attract the people we do,
  • how to attract better relationships,
  • how to improve communication,
  • how to channel emotional energy to while communicating,
  • how to sense other’s energy to be a better listener,
  • how to remove blocks in your energy system that are preventing you from cocreating healthy relationships,
  • how to harmonize energy with other people,
  • how to amplify creative energy using intimacy and sexual energy,
  • and more. This 13 week cycle will be filled with information and tools to help your improve the most important area of human life – your relationships.

As a member of the Higher Self Inner Circle you will receive 3 hours of channeled Higher Self teachings, meditations and q&a using Zoom video live stream every week for 13 weeks. This is a 3 month program with new guided meditations and practical instruction each week. This Inner Circle is open to anyone interested in accelerating their spiritual development as a creator in their reality. Manifesting what you desire in your life can be easy with the Higher Self system of creation.

This cycle begins on Sunday April 4, so register now. Visit

Get a taste of the Higher Self Inner Circle teachings by watching these 5 sample videos of recent Higher Self Inner Circle meetings:

1) Spring 2020 Meeting:
2) Summer 2020 Meeting:
3) Summer 2020 Meeting:
4) Autumn 2020 Meeting:
5) Autumn 2020 Meeting:
6) Winter 2021 Meeting:
7) Winter 2021 Meeting:

Join the Inner Circle and you will receive:

  • 1 hour guided meditation channeled by the Higher Self every week. Use this meditation each day after the meeting to continue to awaken.
  • 2 hour question and answer opportunity every week. Listen to the questions and answers asked by other Inner Circle members and ask your own questions. Receive the Higher Self’s guidance to support the awakening process
  • Membership to a 30 minute long silent meditation every day (Mon-Sat) on Zoom
  • Private YouTube videos of every weekly meeting
  • MP3 audio recordings of every weekly meeting
  • Membership in a private Facebook group with the other members of the Inner Circle. Develop friendships that support your awakening process.
  • Energetic support of the Higher Self channeled through Lincoln
  • Energetic support of the members joined together in each meeting

The Higher Self Inner Circle is an ongoing program designed to provide deeper support and greater assistance to all sincere followers of the Higher Self Teachings.

To learn more about this program and to join, visit

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