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Sunday, March 29th, 2020
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Since 2005, I have offered Higher Self channeling sessions that provide information, guidance and energetic support for people desiring spiritual awakening and overall improvement in any areas of their lives. For 15 years, I have worked one-on-one with thousands of people in countless countries. I created this Go Fund Me program as a way to make my service available to people who have difficulty paying the full cost of a one-on-one Higher Self channeling session. Through this program, donators can help others to experience the benefit of a Higher Self channeling session.

* * * Support Another Program for Clients Living in Economically Developing Countries * * *

To learn how to donate to the Higher Self’s Support Another Program or to register as a recipient of a financially-supported session, please visit my Go Fund Me page here:


The purpose of this program is to support sincere seekers of the Higher Self’s guidance. We all have have unlimited creative success inside of ourselves. Success flows through us, from our Hearts and minds to the world. Success also flows from the world to us. In the Higher Self Teachings, we learn how to perceive, access and create with the unlimited creative energy of life. As creators, we learn about the unlimited energy of our Consciousness, minds, emotions, physical body and physical world. The Support Another program is designed to supply additional support to those people already applying what is taught by the Higher Self. If you are new to the Higher Self Teachings, please watch my videos . My videos will help you to create the changes that will provide you with increased creative success and happiness so that you may experience the inner and outer life that you truly desire.

I wish you peace, happiness, success and Love in you all areas of your life. I appreciate any and all donations that are made. Thank you for your generosity and kindness.

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