World’s Greatest Mantra – I love you and I wish you happiness

Sunday, September 6th, 2020
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: August 27, 2020
Title: World’s Greatest Mantra – I love you and I wish you happiness
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World’s Greatest Mantra – I love you and I wish you happiness

The higher spiritual dimensions consider this the most power mantra for humanity at this time in humanity’s ascension process. By repeating this blessing we can immediately transform the quality of our lives.

A mantra is a statement that is repeated continually either as thoughts or spoken words. For a mantra to be effective, specific words are chosen that will create a noticeable change in a person’s quality of mind and emotion.

It is important and necessary to understand the meaning of the words spoken in a mantra. When people use mantras in foreign languages, the transformational power is reduced because the brain doesn’t know the meaning of the words.

To make a mantra effective, a person’s native language should be used. By using one’s own language, the mantra will be best able to influence and change the quality of all thoughts in a person’s mind.

In this Higher Self channeling, the Higher Self provides a mantra that has the power to transform deep-seated psychological causes of suffering.

Nearly all human conditioning begins as an interpretation to the people in the world around us. When we create blessings in our minds and direct them towards other people, we notice an immediate change within ourselves.

  • Our nervous system becomes more relaxed and our thoughts quiet.
  • The feelings of fear and tension in our bodies dissolve into relaxed comfort.
  • An increase in well being and a noticeable expansion of peace occurs.
  • The quality of our thoughts becomes less aggressive because we feel more connected to the people around us.
  • Our heart’s energy awakens and we feel an unconditional love spreading through our bodies.
  • A sense of oneness and connection to other people develops.
  • The potential for mystical experiences increases because the mind-body connection is developed.
  • The emotional vibration increases and a person’s aura is larger, stronger and brighter.
  • Even the highly desired experience of no-self can occur as the boundaries between self and other dissolve.

There are many remarkable experiences that can occur when a person regularly uses this Higher Self mantra.

Please continue to enjoy my Channel Higher Self videos as you awaken to the conscious creator you are.

Blessings and Love.

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