The Three Facts that Prove that You are God Consciousness Creating Your Own Reality

Wednesday, August 26th, 2020
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: August 20, 2020
Title: The Three Facts that Prove that You are God Consciousness Creating Your Own Reality
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The Three Facts that Prove that You are God Consciousness Creating Your Own Reality

Do you want to turn your world upside? Do you want to discover how amazing, how powerful and how blissful you truly are? Discover how you can directly awaken to the experience of God Consciousness in this human lifetime.

There are three facts that prove you are God Consciousness. These facts are so simple that every person can easily accept their validity. These facts are so accurate that no one can dispute their truth.

Here are the three facts that undoubtedly prove that you are God Consciousness creating your own reality.

1. Your awareness is perceiving the forms of life within itself. Everything you perceive appears inside of you.
2. You have an understanding of every form that you perceive. Everything is within your knowledge.
3. Everything you experience is also experiencing you. You respond to everything and everything responds to you. Your creative energy is everywhere in all the forms of life.

In this Higher Self channeled teaching for spiritual awakening, you will learn why these three facts are so important to emphasize in your life. By applying these facts, you will change your reality and clearly witness that you are God Consciousness creating this human experience.

Also addressed in this channeled message are the reasons why people struggle to experience the full power of their divinity.

Since the moment we are born into this human reality, we are taught to deny ourselves as free will beings of powerful creative energy and blissful oneness. Then we continue doubting ourselves and disbelieving that we can have our desired experiences. We create ideas of the encourage struggle and hardship. We are taught to feel guilty about honoring ourselves. We explain away our own potential.

Since the moment we enter into this lifetime, we are taught that we are flawed and that nothing within our personal power can change that. We witness nearly every person accepting this self-defeating attitude. We witness a world of unhappy people.

Yet, every person also knows within themselves that they are more powerful and more capable than they currently experience. Every person desires a greater life than they currently have. Every person desires to grow and evolve and achieve more happiness.

The human mind is taught to deny one’s True Self as unlimited Awareness, Intelligence and Creative Energy, yet deep inside every person always knows who they truly are.

The existential struggle is this.

You are God Consciousness taught that you are not God. You have a mind constructed with denials and doubts. Yet you also have within your Heart the knowledge that you are all knowing and all powerful.

This is the human experience of awakening that you have designed for yourself. See this. Understand this. And awaken to who you truly are.

Your human life is your awakening to God Consciousness.

Enjoy this Channel Higher Self teaching.

Blessings and Love.

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  1. Colin says:

    Yes, I did go play basketball after listening to this video. And yes, I was more in touch with my intuition and performed significantly better. Thanks for this video!

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