The Totality of Everything You Perceive is You – Higher Self Channeling

Wednesday, February 14th, 2018
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: February 14, 2018
Title: The Totality of Everything You Perceive is You – Higher Self Channeling
Running Time: 38:31

The Totality of Everything You Perceive is You – Higher Self Channeling

The people and experiences in our life do not cause our suffering. Our own ignorance is the cause of our suffering. Unknowingly, we are creating our own suffering.

Buddhism, Yoga, Tantra, and many other spiritual systems teach that the root cause of suffering is ignorance. The removal of our ignorance will then give us true happiness, peace and even bliss.

But what exactly are we ignorant of?

Most of us have already heard and read spiritual teachings, learned very high spiritual information, performed numerous spiritual practices and yet we are not the experiencing deep, unshakable peace and continuous bliss that spirituality promises us. We still suffer and we are still looking for enlightenment. Why?

The reason why we suffer in our lives is because we are still awakening to who we are as the Eternal Self, the abiding Consciousness, the Emptiness. Learning information will evolve the mind but it is not the same as this awakening. Increasing physical health and developing the body will add happiness to our lives, but this is not the same happiness that comes from this awakening.

Nearly every spiritual teaching you will receive develops the mind, emotions and body – but they do not take us into the enlightened state. Why is this? These teachings are for understanding and changing within the 3 dimensions of human experience – physical (material), emotional (astral) and mental (causal). They are not teaching about the 4th state of Consciousness. They are not directing you to the state of your Eternal Consciousness.

Let the Higher Self channeled in this video teaching help you to realize your authentic state of Consciousness. While all of my videos teach authentic awakening, this video teaching focuses specifically on integrating the oneness of all that is. Be guided into a state of understanding and experience in which everything is experienced as perfect in this present moment. When we abide as the Consciousness, we support the unfoldment of the natural evolution of all parts of life into their highest forms of expression. Effortlessly, the mind gains true knowledge, the emotions gain peace, happiness and harmony, and the body gains health.

The path of awakening can be very easy when we have proper information and effective instruction.

Blessings and Love.

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