Self Sourcing Your Creative Energy vs Exchanging Energy With Others

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: July 2, 2018
Title: Self Sourcing Your Creative Energy vs. Exchanging Energy With Others
Running Time: 39:14

Self Sourcing Your Creative Energy vs. Exchanging Energy With Others

You are God Consciousness – the source of creative energy in your human reality. Awaken to the direct experience of your creative power. It is easier than you know.

We are all here to experience our personality reality as creators. God Consciousness is existing at the center of the Universe. You are this center. The universe circles around you. You are That I Am.

In our human journeys we awaken to deeper and more authentic experiences of our true nature as creators. At first, our consciousness is identified as the physical form of our body, with its biological desires for food, rest, activity and sexual reproduction. As our consciousness expands, we realize that we are energetic expressions of intelligence. We are emotion-based personalities. This expansion continues to occur, layer by layer, until we ultimately discover who we have always been. We are the God Consciousness creating this reality.

Join the Higher Self consciousness as it helps you to awaken to your essential nature as the creative consciousness – your soul.

Learn how to self source the creative power from within you.

Learn how to remove social dynamics that keep you in states of suffering.

Learn how to identify and remove unhealthy relationships from your life.

Learn how to live as a free, sovereign spiritual being in this human reality that you call your life.

Let the Higher Self within awaken and guide you to your authentic experience of Spiritual Enlightenment.

Blessings and Love.

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  1. Colin says:


  2. Jayden Birch says:

    Hello Lincoln,

    To connect with my God consciousness on a deeper level I want to formally meditate 24/7 upon my spiritual heart (in my room and outside) for the next few weeks, while on a water fast. Is this the most direct path to enlightenment? Is this healthy for me to do?


  3. Jayden Birch says:

    Also Lincoln,

    My family is very unsupportive of the idea of this, so I couldn’t do this at home. There is a zen temple about half an hour from my house and I feel drawn to go there and meditate/do yoga. Do you recommend this? Also would a ashram, zen temple, or Hare Krishna centre be a better place to meditate at?

    Thank you so much again, I am wanting to make this big and inspiring changes in my life, which is why I wanted to ask for your guidance again 🙂 Eventually I may want to teach yoga/meditation one day.

  4. Jayden Birch says:

    Also is there any house plants that you you would recommend above others?

  5. Jayden Birch says:

    I am compelled to go here:

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