Remove Emotional Blocks: The Attraction and Rejection of Emotions

Friday, October 17th, 2014
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: October 17, 2014
Title: Remove Emotional Blocks: Conquer Spiritual Superiority
Running Time: 38:39

Remove Emotional Blocks: The Attraction and Rejection of Emotions

Video #4 to remove emotional blocks focuses on the natural intelligence of our emotions and it’s attraction / rejection function. Learn how our emotions are teaching us how to create a life of peace, happiness and Love – when we understand the language of emotions.

Your intentions are at the root of all the experiences in your life. The power of your mind guides your thoughts, emotions and actions. Together, these shape your life and determine what experiences you will have.

In this Channel Higher Self video you will be taught about the innate intelligence of your multidimensional human self. Your physical body has it’s desires and intentions that continue it’s existence (hunger, sexual reproduction, sleep). Your emotions have there desires and intention that create connections and union with other beings. Your mind has it’s desires for knowledge and experience. Together the intentions built into your human self guide your life. By learning how to honor this intelligence you will accelerate your spiritual mastery.

We are all here having this human experience to learn about ourselves and the Universe. A central theme is the discovery and mastery of creative power. Learn about the natural intelligence inside of you and how you can cooperate with it to step out of confusion and suffering and into happiness and peace.

Blessings and Love.

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  1. Michael says:

    Lincoln, you say that by creating these mental ideas about right and wrong we create this separation from within ourselves taking us further away from the oneness that we are but what about in instances where let’s say a married women was to sexually act upon another male without the husband knowing… If both the married woman and the single male (who knew she was married ) had an affair in the heat of the moment by the attraction of emotions and they both had no opposing thoughts about what was taking place would this be considered universally acceptable by God?

  2. Sue says:

    Dear Lincoln, thank you for this message that I’d always so fitting for my experience. i listen to your teachings regularly and hope so much I am beginning to integrate the wisdom into my life. It feels old habits, emotions and beliefs are very stubborn and difficult to shift. Is the I intent enough?
    Thank you and blessings.

  3. Lincoln says:

    Hello Michael. Because our minds have received conditioning about morality and right vs wrong since we were very young children, it can be difficult to transcend this type of thinking or to transform it with wisdom. As we examine our thinking and understand how it has shaped the experiences of our lives, we can then see which areas we want to change and how we want to live.

    To speak to your example…

    If a married woman was unfaithful to her husband, then both her and her husband would experience the consequences of her actions. If one or both partners decided to end the marriage, it would be their choice – not God’s choice. If both partners decided to stay in the marriage, it would be their choice – not God’s choice.

    God has allowed the infidelity because it happened. If God did not permit the infidelity then the experience would have not occurred. God often allows us to create nearly any situation because we are all co-creators with free will and because there are lessons to learn from all that we create. God loves us so deeply that God lets us create with freedom. It is then through our free will choice that we understand how God has designed the Universe. By following God’s design, we then experience peace, happiness and Love.

    In your example, it would be not God who punishes the husband or wife. These people would experience the consequences of the actions and in this way they may punish themselves or punish each other. The husband and wife may suffer emotionally, experience material changes and cause suffering to their friends and family. God is not suffering with mankind during these experiences. Mankind is suffering because of mankind’s creations. After experiencing the consequences, the husband and wife may understand why fidelity was important. They may understand some reasons as to why mankind has created the vows of marriage. They may also change themselves to live in healthier, happier ways.

    In our times, religions has attributed qualities to God that are human and not Divine. God does not suffer like man does, because God is all-knowing and man is still lacking knowledge.

    We must be mindful to sort through our concepts of morality and see which ones serve us and which ones do not. There is an important place in our lives for some teachings of morality because they create peace in a society and between people. Fidelity, for example, allows mankind to live in peace, with security, trust and comfort. Without trust between people, peace cannot exist.

  4. Lincoln says:

    Hello Sue,

    Intent serves as the foundation for change. Intent creates new ways of thinking, new emotional energies and new actions.

    When we want to change our lives, having intentions to change is not enough. We must honor those intentions and let them guide us in changing our thinking, emotions and actions.

    Sometimes people desire change, but are not wiling to change thought patterns, emotional reactions or physical behaviors. They want change, but they do not create the change. A person must create the change on all levels of mind, emotion and body for the process to be complete.

    My series called “Higher Self Guided Personal Transformation” teaches about the entire process. You can find the links to all the videos in order, on this page.

    Blessings and Love

    ~ Lincoln

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