Mind Mastery: Understanding Your Range of Emotions

Thursday, June 30th, 2016
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: June 22, 2016
Title: Mind Mastery: Understanding Your Range of Emotions
Running Time: 34:40

Mind Mastery: Understanding Your Range of Emotions

Your emotions are not a mystery. They are not wild or illogical. Your emotions create the story of your life. They are here for you to author your soul’s journey. You are the artist of your life!

Emotions are possibly the most mysterious and misunderstood part of the human experience – and they are also possibly the most important part as well. Many spiritual teachings on emotions exist, however often these teachers treat the emotions like an uncontrollable force that we must give our power over to.

Your emotions are yours to consciously create with. They are not a power over you; they are a power given to you!

The purpose of your consciousness having this human experience is so that you can create the life that you desire to experience. For eternity you have been given reality to create with.

We are not existing in this human reality to suffer as slaves to society, the financial structures, the political institutions, and other people’s egos. We are not existing in God’s great universe to remain powerless and afraid.

Every soul has been given the universe as their creative opportunity. You are free to create anything you wish in your reality. But first you must understand this reality and how it works – so that you can create with accuracy and success.

Inside of your human body is a complex system of energy. We call it our emotions. Your emotions add the meaning, purpose and color to your life. Without emotions, there would be no desire and no movement forward in life.

This Channel Higher Self video teaches you how to directly experience and understand your internal emotions and energy system. Your emotions are not mysterious. They are not outside of your control. You are here to use your emotions in your life. First you must feel your emotions. Then you can learn the purpose of them. Then, you can use these energies to author the story of your life.

This Channel Higher Self video features an energy breathing practice that will help you to put your consciousness more deeply into your emotional energy system. The purpose of this practice is primarily to understand your emotional energy system – so we work with a focused state of awareness, rather than a desire to control or manipulate the emotional energies. It is only when we truly understand something that we can successfully work with it.

Blessings and Love.

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  1. Michael says:

    Thank you so much. Your teachings connected me to my awareness , even being shown light awareness and bliss from my accident early in life ,it took the meditation practice you gave to tune in to it. Took a couple years and a lot of dedication and commitment to your teachings . So thank you thank you thank you.
    Love to all

  2. Alexandre says:

    Hi Lincoln , it’s the “first time”a i’am tryng to make a connection with you and with the Higher self teachings, although i’ve been workink with you since 2013. I just wanna say say that this experience is of a tremendous value one that i can’t thinhk of a way to pay it. So knowing this and hopping that you gonne still grace us with your videos, i want to ask the higher self if “it” can brings us ALL a light in the subject of the Universal Laws that guides our planet, existence, and creation. Thank you! your amazing and we all love deeply! NAMASTE!

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