Mind Mastery: Meditative Awareness or Creation

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: January 20, 2015
Title: Mind Mastery: Meditative Awareness or Creation
Running Time: 14:18

Mind Mastery: Meditative Awareness or Creation

Which is the correct spiritual path – meditative awareness or creation? There is a duality in spirituality. Some paths choose creative action and manifestation. Other paths choose silent, meditation and awareness. Which path is the correct path?

Many misconceptions and incomplete systems of knowledge exist in our world and spirituality is no different. Often spiritual teachers will emphasis one practice, one method, one viewpoint, one path and state that it is better than all others. There is a large split in modern day spiritual teachings as systems and teachers disagree.

If there is a split, then there is duality and knowledge is incomplete. Ultimately all pieces of knowledge come together in the end, uniting to form one complete unified understanding of self, other and reality.

In this Channel Higher Self video teaching, the channeled Higher Self Consciousness examines the nature of reality and the existence of the your personal existence. The path of meditation and and the experience of meditative awareness is examined along side the path of creative manifestation and the experience of creation. By the end of this 15-minutes Higher Self video, you understanding of the dualistic nature of reality will be dissolved and experiential truth will remain.

Elevate your understanding of who you are and what reality is in this Higher Self teaching on Mind Mastery. Transcend duality and experience unity in your own personal reality.

Blessings and Love.

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  1. Colin says:

    “The challenge ,dear one, is learning how to create”
    – Lincoln The Channel for Higher Self

  2. Colin says:

    “The opposite of victim is creator” – Nanice Ellis

  3. rose ma rain says:

    Hi Lincoln,
    For quite some time now, I’ve been wanting to ask you about something which is ‘a duality’ but not precisely like the duality you are channeling in this video. However it feels related, so I wil give it a try:
    I believe I can grasp this idea that I am the (co)creator of (the)my universe, I also believe that understanding this is similar to what I experience when I meditate and only ‘my awareness’ remains.
    When I communicate with other people there can occur something I can describe like ‘a flow’ and that feels like we are indeed co-creators of one universe, but more often I perceive what I describe as a battle or a clash, where the ‘universe’ of the other is impenetrable, or maybe mine is.
    It seems to me that, as all of us, creating our own worlds, seek ways to share this and that it is only in the sharing that what we call ‘reallity’ occurs.
    So here are two realities: first there is the reality of my own perceptions and second there is the reality of the ‘interference pattern’, or the mix that occurs when different points of view meet, when the freshly created universes of two beings meet.
    I can not say which reality is more real: my own perception is most true for me, but is is a lonely place, so that what I can share seems most valuable, but so often no more than ‘a whisp’.
    It is my desire to perceive more than a whisp and feel more confident, or see more clearly when in contact with other people and their created realities.
    I am curious to know you view on this.
    Thank you,

  4. Colin says:

    Hey Lincoln,

  5. Colin says:

    Accidental post above ^^

    Hey Lincoln,

    Does this definition describe what you mean by creator?

    Creator – a person or thing that brings something into existence.

  6. Jessica says:

    I love what you wrote! I think we all share the same reality just experience it differently and when we are able to connect with someone we are overcoming our differences and having a moment of this sharing, regardless of the words or conditions we have/use. I thought it was lonely too, but then I started realizing that it was only when I wasn’t connected to my heart that it was it truly lonely and the other feeling was just a thought. And it does seem like everyone is trying to create their own reality and share that and it is a beautiful thing in duality to experience the seeing of another persons dualistic experience. I have found deep love and understanding for the other there but in the end actually started to confuse me and does not actually benefit the other person. Because it’s not Co creation of a reality it’s Co creation of a life. For example I wouldn’t approach someone with the intent to experience what they do or try to explain myself to them (although I have before!!) I would stay as honest with myself as I could and stay centered in my heart as much as possible and I would let a conversation happen. In that conversation there is a natural awareness of a lot more going on then just words. Lincoln has a video about this I think you’ll like. This is just my experience and I’ll be looking forward to seeing what Lincoln says as he always put everything so elegantly and encompassing.

  7. Jessica says:

    (I know Lincoln will have the right answer! I just wanted to spring off what you wrote!!)

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