Mind Mastery: Become More Aware While Awake

Saturday, February 20th, 2016
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: February 10, 2015
Title: Mind Mastery: Become More Aware While Awake
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Mind Mastery: Become More Aware While Awake

True spiritual practice creates the expansion of one’s state of awareness. We learn to become more aware in our waking state and in our meditation state. We become more aware and the thoughts stop, the emotional reactions stop and the energy of life increases.

During your waking state, your awareness is centered in your face area. By engaging this facial awareness we can expand our consciousness – shutting off our thoughts and entering into heightened perception.

We do not avoid the senses and sensory forms. We expand into the senses! We become more awake!

When most people meditate, they sit watching their thoughts like a movie inside their foreheads. Emotional reactions like boredom, fear, anxiety and excitement constantly arise. These meditators stay semi-awake, engaged in the subconscious mind’s activities of thought, memory, and imagination. These meditators suffer during their meditation practice.

Most people meditate incorrectly because they were not taught correct techniques. Meditation is not watching the thoughts. Meditation is not a helpless state of suffering as a witness.

True meditation is expanding one’s state of awareness so that all mind activity stops. No thoughts, no emotions, no dream-like imagined images. When a person learns to experience their awareness and then expand their awareness, the mind obeys the consciousness and the subconscious processes of thought and emotions stop automatically.

This Channel Higher Self video will teach you how to correctly expand your awareness in the waking state so that you can live in higher states of consciousness. You will be taught how to engage your waking awareness to increase it’s energy and power. With more energy, your conscious self will awaken and your subconscious mind activities will be reduced and ultimately stop.

This is a very direct and powerful, yet simple piece of spiritual knowledge than can transform how you understand spiritual meditation and your self as a waking consciousness.

Blessings and Love.

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  1. Michael says:

    Hello and thank you Lincoln. Can you please explain how the awakened state of being here in this physical realm can reach the awakened state of the other Side and what it’s like?

  2. Michael says:

    Even though I may feel here and now with minimal thoughts I don’t feel as if this eternal love is present.

  3. Lincoln says:

    There is a natural progression that happens as a person becomes more aware (being as the awareness) in meditation and in the waking state. First there is an increase of inner peace as the consciousness moves away from the thoughts and emotional energy and into the state of awareness. As the person stays as awareness, the mind’s activities continue to reduce, moving towards silence and stillness. With more stillness comes more peace. Then in that state of peace a unique type of happiness begins to arise from the chest area. This is the unconditional love energy from the Spiritual Heart. As the Heart opens more and radiates more of its energy, the person feels the energy climb from the chest to the face area and into the eyes. The eyes being to radiate more light, as the person sees everything as being one with themselves, feeling love for all things. The Spiritual Heart energy will continue to increase, expanding to fill the entire aura, above and below the Heart’s location. The person will feel as though they are a ball of radiant bliss energy. At this point, to feel this radiate aura of Spiritual Heart bliss energy, the mind will be silent of activity (thoughts, emotions, memory-based responses, etc).

    This is a natural (and very scientific) process of spiritual awakening that happens automatically as we become the awareness and allow ourselves to go deeper into this state. Mental effort will not take a person to these levels of bliss. The mind must be transcended and the awareness must be entered into deeply.

    Continue to practice. Trust the process of awakening as it occurs. Blessings and Love.

  4. Lincoln says:

    In all dimensions, whether the waking human state or the dreaming human state or the deceased human state, there exists awareness. The awareness is the truest state of ourselves. As long as our awareness exists, we exist. The content of what appears in the awareness is always changing and will change as different dimensions are experienced. The awareness itself does not change. It is emptiness itself.

    To be awakened, we must experience ourselves as being the awareness. Awakening, as I use the term, is this first step towards enlightenment. We awaken to experience ourselves as the empty awareness. This experience instantly creates a state of greater peace and freedom. As our awakening deepens, we learn to stay as awareness in the waking state during all types of experiences (stressful ones, peaceful ones, sitting, walking, standing, talking, exercising, even using our mind to create). Our awakening then continues in the dream states, as we learn to stay as the awareness in the dream. The awakening then reaches the dreamless sleep state and finally we enter the experience of being only as awareness. In the “only as awareness” dimension, the personal self has vanished and the Light of Consciousness is realized. This is what I use the term enlightenment to signify.

  5. Colin says:

    This one really touched me. Thanks so much Lincoln. I am trying my best.

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