How to Overcome Low Self-Worth to Spiritually Connect Within

Saturday, March 10th, 2012
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: March 10, 2012
Title: How to Overcome Low Self-Worth to Spiritually Connect Within
Running Time: 22:30
Parts: 2

How to Overcome Low Self-Worth to Spiritually Connect Within

Do you have low self-esteem? Do you want to believe more in yourself and your spiritual abilities? This video has been created for you. Learn how you can stop fighting against your thoughts within this Higher Self video teachings.

Often as children we have experiences that damage our confidence and self-image. Maybe our parents pushed us very hard or told us we weren’t good enough. Maybe our school teachers gave us low marks and caused us to be bad about ourselves. Maybe we were bullied or lacked friends. Whatever the reason, there is a solution… and it may not be what you have been taught by other spiritual teachers.

The root of our self-image is in our mind. And believe it or not, even the most confident people are still suffering within. Why? Because they are still identified with the little voice in their heads that talks to them and tells them who they are. As long as anyone is still controlled by their thoughts, they are experiencing very limited freedom, happiness and peace.

In this Higher Self spiritual teaching you will learn about the structure of your mind and how to interact with it. Rather than fight against your thoughts… as you may have done. Rather than using positive affirmations to create healthier thoughts on top of unhealthy thoughts… as you may have been taught. Rather than try to change the mind, while still identified with the mind… as many teachings do. We will teach you how to step outside of your thought structure and mind… and from there remove your ego’s control over you. This will give you the true freedom from psychological suffering and genuine peace within.

Many blessings and much Love!

Part 1

Part 2

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  1. Colin says:

    I find it very important to confront subconscious beliefs and thoughts and to see them in the right context. Disregarding the mind wont give me the growth I’m seeking at this particular point. Is removing identification with the mind simply for perspective? So that the subconscious thoughts and perceptions that arise can be seen within proper context? Perhaps viewed with recently gained clarity/knowledge/wisdom as opposed to old repeated patterns? It seems that it could be interpreted as ignoring the mind witch seems like denial which is destructive. But perhaps I’m at a unique part of my journey where my attention is required. Where as someone else is better off paying no attention to their thoughts

  2. kelly Crane says:

    Beautifully Spoken Beloved One..!

    “The Heart is the Hub of All Sacred Places
    Go There and Roam”

    The Mind is so Seductive, and yet, we are tricked into believing it to be so Real, when it only becomes :the illusion.

    Only with a quiet Mind, can one seek the inner beloved, inside your very own SELF…

    Stay Blessed…

  3. Lincoln says:

    At the core of any genuine spiritual teachings that within the mind is the personal ego. Genuine meditation leads to the realization that you are not the mind and ego. It is the only path to enlightenment and true peace.

    Yes, examining your thoughts and trying to change them may create better mental health, however it will never free a person from the ego and the suffering that it creates.

    It can very difficult to understand what can be gained by freeing oneself from mind-identification… until one actually experiences this breakthrough.

    No, watching the mind is not denial. Watching the mind will build the ability to stay in awareness which dis-empowers the ego and purifies it through silence. Denial would be ignoring the thoughts, avoiding the thoughts, or even trying to fight against them to change them. Denial only happens when we are in the mind trying to change the mind. Staying in awareness is the complete opposite. It is true acceptance and then transcendence.

    If you do not feel guided to meditate, then that is okay. But I know that every person on a spiritual path will come to this stage eventually. It is nearly impossible to reach enlightenment, true peace and freedom from suffering without meditation. Blessings and Love.

  4. Colin says:

    Repeated experiences of deep meditation was the foundation, without witch I wouldnt be able to see the merit of these teachings. I love meditation and find it to be very valuable. But i seek genuine meditation to witch there are blocks that I am increasingly becoming aware of the nature of them. I know that if I grow out of these blocks (Through knowledge, wisdom,and perspective) ill be able to surrender into authentic meditation very quickly. And stay there. So I don’t meditate very often at this phase but it is an important objective of mine. I want to surrender into authentic meditation.

  5. Lincoln says:

    Knowledge about the nature of thinking, the memories/emotions/energies driving your thoughts, and purification of these will all arise naturally during the process of meditation Often accessing the deepest layers of our psyche is only possible through meditation.

    I have noticed that the modern American culture is overly intellectual and tries to think their way through every problem. I know many people who have spent decades of conceptual learning on “spiritual topics” and made very little actual spiritual progress.

    Creating a healthier ego is good and for some people all they are ready for. But it is not a replacement for meditation. And a daily meditation practice will support any self-examination / psychotherapy process.

    I am sharing this with you to encourage you to meditate daily. It is truly the most important part of spirituality.

    Watch this:

  6. Steve Daily says:

    I am continually awed by the clarity of the Higher Self teaching, and by the way that it is always synchronistically the perferct thing I need to hear at the time. PS Hope your cold is better! God Bless, Lincoln. Steve

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