You Are Love. Free Yourself From the Prison of Fear and Suffering.

Thursday, May 12th, 2011
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: May 12, 2011
Title: You Are Love. Free Yourself From the Prison of Fear and Suffering.
Running Time: 34:39
Parts: 4

You Are Love. Free Yourself From the Prison of Fear and Suffering.

You are Love. God is Love. All is Love. The experience of Divine Love is everything, in all things and as all things. It is our own fear that keeps us in a prison of suffering unable to experience this Love, yet always desiring it. In this Higher Self spiritual enlightenment video you will learn how to free yourself from the fear and suffering that you experience by learning how to surrender more deeply into the Love that you are. Learning to trust yourself and this Love will carry you beyond your suffering and into Oneness with God and all Life.

There are many spiritual teachings and many spiritual teachers. But how many of these teachings and teachers can help us reach Self-realization and spiritual enlightenment? There are so many paths, methods, techniques, empowerments, and lineages. Which ones are effective in helping us experience enlightenment? Are all of these spiritual books, spiritual techniques, self-help courses distractions from true spiritual growth? Or is there one method or teaching that can will ultimately free us from suffering and give us an experience of God?

In this Higher Self video you will learn how nearly every human is experiencing life inside the cage of their personal ego. We, humans, are amazing creators and have created an infinite of ways to entertain ourselves while we stay inside our cages. Yet with all of our creations, we still remain in suffering and wanting to know God. Why have we been unable to eliminate suffering with our scientific discoveries and inventions? Learn how it is our fear and lack of genuine spiritual knowledge that is keeping us from experiencing the truth of our own being – the Pure Love that we are.

Many blessings and much Love!

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Lincoln, thanks for this message about how to ‘unleash’ ourselves from our cage of suffering. We have been playing deceitful games with ourselves in this cage. There is too much pain and suffering going on inside of them. Higher Self’s message contains the key to unlocking our self-imposed shackles in this ‘drama’ of suffering through the ego’s thoughts of little me. Focusing on the now moment in complete awareness without thoughts of the future or worry about the past helps us to unfold and simply exist as who we are in acceptance. A focus on Love as our true essence and All That Is – grounds us in awakening to our Beingness as Creative Consciousness.



  2. Victoria says:

    This really helped me out! I didn’t consciously realize that I was chasing my dream job which was making me frustrated….instead of letting go.

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