10 Minute Higher Self Meditation: Sushumna Chakra Breathing

Monday, December 16th, 2013
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: December 10, 2013
Title: 10 Minute Higher Self Meditation: Sushumna Chakra Breathing
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10 Minute Higher Self Meditation: Sushumna Chakra Breathing

Move energy up and down your spine, energizing and healing your chakras with prana / chi. This 10 minute Higher Self meditation teaches you how to empower your chakra system with Higher Self energy and life force.

Inside our physical bodies, we all have a body of energy. Here is where the chakras exists. Chakras are wheels of psychic energy. Each chakra has personality qualities and universal qualities. Most chakras have an elemental energy associated with them.

All chakra energies flow into the physical body. The chakra energy brings to life the human nervous system, spine and brain. It creates the activities of the endocrine system and glands. The chakra energy also fills the organs.

In this Higher Self guided meditation you will learn how to move energy up and down your spine (in the sushumna energy channel) and through your chakra system. This will give you more peace, more emotional balance, and more physical energy. In advanced stages, this meditation will awaken your kundalini energy that is concentrated in your root chakra, at the base of your spine.

You can use this 10 minute meditation as often as you like. There is no risk or danger. You are working with your own Higher Self energies to empower and heal your human self.

More 10 minute guided meditations will be posted in the coming days here on YouTube’s Channel Higher Self.

Blessings and Love.

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  1. Michael says:

    I cannot help but smile Lincoln at any one of your videos now. The love within me is just continuously growing. It’s like a warm tickling sensation deep within my chest. It is truly amazing! This is one of my favorite practices btw and when I am finished, I look up at the computer screen only to see how vibrantly ALIVE your aura is. i can see and feel the ENERGY!

    Thank you for your constant love and support Lincoln!!!

    Much love and namaste


  2. Bryan says:

    Beautiful meditation! You have been so helpful. Thank you Lincoln!

  3. Lincoln says:

    You are welcome Bryan. Blessings and Love.

  4. Jah says:

    Thank you Lincoln,

    Is it normal to feel aches and pains and have coughing spells during this meditation?

  5. Julie Grover says:

    Thank you, dear Lincoln for ALL of your generously given and heartfelt videos. I love to put “you” on autoplay and fall asleep…I wake up feeling expanded heart energy and positive mental energy!!! I have an important question, Lincoln, that I have not talked to anyone else about. My husband committed suicide in Jan 2015. I went deep into my daily meditation and mantra (planetary mantras and vedic mantras mostly) to cope. After about 8 months I began experiencing explosions of white light, but slightly golden, in my head. Like fireworks pouring beautiful white light, like liquid light or plasma, almost from the center of my head, outwards, many times per month. This was always with a very pleasant feeling, and usually at night as I go to sleep. After about one year of this, I was not sleeping one night, grieving over my husband’s death, very emotional because unfortunately I was sleeping with his old blanket (I threw it out, don’t worry!), but I was in so much emotional pain, and finally I just begged to god or universe to pleeease remove this pain and grief from me, please! At that instant I experienced a HUGE explosion of the white light, but this time with a silver color to it. I was instantly healed, all of my energy body and cells cleansed with this silver light and I felt the most incredible relief from the pain and grief, leaving me happy and like I was in the arms of god or mother mary or something! After that, I could see tremendous white light all inside of my head, and have the peculiar feeling of being able to see the back of the inside of my head, from the center of my head! Also, sometimes the light comes in like a hose of light, spraying white light here and there, lighting up different areas of my head/brain area, drawing geometric shapes, or it may just light up all at once, like someone flicked a light switch on. I can see this beautiful light now, almost every night. I just have to try to stay awake while i fall asleep—“while sleeping, watch”—-you know. But what comes next, dear Lincoln? I can’t seem to recall what happens after the incredible white light fills my head space area……it feels like maybe I’m about to pass through a portal or something, but I can’t recall anything when I wake up, only the light. Perhaps that is enough! It is wonderful! I know this light heals better than any medicine, it seems absolutely fundamental. I don’t know where to go next Lincoln. I have been practicing yoga and meditation on my own for many years, because I usually live in very rural areas (costa rica, WV), so I don’t have any spiritual community. Can you give me an idea of what’s happening to me, dear one? I strongly agree with you about having my own sovereignty, spiritually—-Waldo Vieira calls it “the disbelief principle.” Don’t believe anything unless you experience it for yourself! Well I’ve been making my own way for 30 years, but today I reach out to you for some reason! Hope you are doing great, NAMASTE, and thank you, again. from Heart Like a Feather in Florida.

  6. Lincoln says:

    Hello Julie, Thank you for having the strength to be open, vulnerable and sincere. I understand how challenging it can be to express that which is so deeply important to ourselves, yet not widely accepted and honored by mass human consciousness yet. Often we want to keep that which is so special, hidden and protected. I commend you for being strong enough to share in this safe and understanding environment.

    To answer your question. As the energy centers in the brain area awaken, we begin to perceive light in our mind’s sense of vision. This is not a physical light, so our physical eyes are not seeing it. It is a non-physical light that is see with our non-physical sens of vision (our mind’s eye). The mind has many ways of seeing (memory, imagination, dreaming, internal non-physical vision, external non-physical vision, external physical vision) and each is experiencing in subtly different ways inside our consciousness. You are experiencing inner non-physical vision.

    When the inner non-physical vision first awakens, we see random flashes of light. They can appear as various colors and shapes. These colors and shapes are related to the frequencies of the lower 5 chakras.

    When we begin to fall asleep at night, our physical sense are shutting down and our non-physical senses are activating. If our awareness is inside of ourselves, like in meditation, we will perceive the energy and activities of our own brain, energy body or mind.

    Most people shift into their brains’ dreaming state. But for someone meditating on the ajna chakra (third eye) they will perceive the energy body. You are seeing the movements of energy occurring in your energy body.

    The white light that you perceive is related to the quality of your crown chakra. The more active the lower chakras in that moment, the more we perceive colored lights and shapes. The more active the crown chakra, the more white light is perceived.

    The silver light is related to higher frequencies and a higher chakra “above” the crown chakra. As we desire to experience God and as we ascend our consciousness more, the more we approach this dimension of silver light.

    The silver light is part of a dimension beyond the human experience. This dimension is associate with the after life and angels. In Indian spirituality it is called the Atmic dimension. It is where we first experience our soul outside of the human experience.

    I hope that my answer has provided you with knowledge and comfort. I sincerely wish you the best on your soul’s journey of awakening.

    I am sorry for the emotional suffering you are experiencing with the loss of your husband. The stronger we love, the stronger the pain of separation. I have great compassion for you.

    I also know that your husband’s passing has become a great gift for you. Your love and devotion to him has been a catalyst for your own spiritual awakening. In this way, he is loving and serving you even beyond this world. You are blessed.

    Blessings and Love

    ~ Lincoln

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