Raising Spiritually Enlightened Children

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013
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Date: March 5, 2013
Title: Raising Spiritually Enlightened Children
Running Time: 1:08:06
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Raising Spiritually Enlightened Children

Channel Higher Self presents information to help all parents and parents-to-be become better equipped to raising healthy and happy children. Is raising a spiritually enlightened child possible? How can we do it?

This video is an audio recording of a Higher Self channeling session requested by a YouTube viewer. She asks:

I have many questions and all of them about parenting in the form of here and now. I have read so many books and helps me to get connect with my inner most being, but have not found away to teach my children in this way at their age. So my biggest questions are:

  1. How do I let my children discover them self with out forming them into what is required for to enter the outside world? They do have to go to school.. even if it would be home school.
  2. How do I teach them the basics , like potty, utensils and such with out forming them to feel the need of fitting in?
  3. How do I let my children to stay pure?

I looked to nature, animals and even “They” form their offspring to learn of danger.  I think the change for a better world starts at home, by a mother. I also found that all the great teachers are male and never had children. The female ones are either no children or have gone through raising their children when they became enlightened. How can this be?

So as you see from these thoughts of a mother of twins I am looking for many answers. And I believe many others alike me.

Yes all the different ways going about this is ultimately fine! And it has been to produce what it is the world today, but in my heart I know there is a way for nurturing the enlightened pure child that is born and not formed to something by the age of six so it is either a follower or a seeker for the rest of their life.

Thank you again for your reply, I have asked many other teachers and only you replied!

I am just a mom, with no agenda..

Love and blessings


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  1. Colin says:

    Awesome Awesome Awesome!

  2. Renate says:

    Thank you so much!!! This is just marvelous, what you said!!!

  3. Kansa Peru says:

    Dear Lincoln,

    I dont have words to express my gratitude and appreciation for this speech from the higher self! It has opened my eyes – after undergoing an emotional trauma, I was lost in dealing with my young children. I was showing all my emotions on them…. your videos are crushing my wrong prejudices and notions of a good mother!

    The uninterrupted flow of words from the Higher Self is amazing, i am awestruck. I thank the universal energy for introducing the Higher Self to me. Your words are eye openers in all aspects of life. I have decided to watch all of your teachings! I am also looking forward to having a one to one session with the Higher Self.

    Thank you Lincoln for being there for me, for us and for the world!! My deepest prayers for your service to continue unpolluted forever!!

    Best wishes.

  4. Lincoln says:

    Thank you Kansa for your heartfelt comment. I am so very happy that my videos are helping you. It is a wonderful experience when we awaken to better ways of creating our lives. I am so happy for you. I wish you the best Kansa on your continued journey. Blessings and Love always.

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