How to live in Meditative Awareness? Duality vs Oneness. The Self.

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011
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Date: April 19, 2011
Title: How to live in Meditative Awareness? Duality vs Oneness. The Self.
Running Time:  47:59
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How to live in Meditative Awareness? Duality vs Oneness. The Self.

This is an example of a person Higher Self channeling for a client. If you are interested in your own personal Higher Self channeling, you can learn more at my webiste

This is a video recording of a personal Higher Self channeling session received by a YouTube viewer. This session is being made public because of the significance of the information in this video about the nature of duality and Oneness, the experience of the Higher Self Consciousness and instructions about how to stay in the experience of meditative awareness at all times.

This video is being made public with the permission of the Higher Self session’s recipient. It is his desire that this video help others who have similar questions about their personal experience and spiritual journey.

How to live in Meditative Awareness? Duality vs Oneness. The Self.

For this personal Higher Self channeling session, the following questions were asked:

“Most of my questions are about how to live in awareness because I see that I have a bit of difficulty to live in awareness; is there any specific experience while living in awareness; if yes, what is the nature of the experience while living in awareness; how do I know when I am in awareness and when I am not?

Also, I wanted to know about the nature of the knowledge that the higher self gives; in what form does it come, how do I know that it is knowledge from the higher self and not a thought from the ego. Like, how is the experience when one has received and understood the knowledge from the higher self?

Thank You Again.


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  1. Adrienne says:

    Lincoln and Hemkesh,

    Thank you so much for sharing your personal session with us! Lincoln really went into detail from Higher Self about co-dependency of all form and formlessness. He made it clear that we, as awareness, ‘need’ form to be aware of our existence and form needs awareness for existence. This video helped me to better understand how Source is ever-expanding through our form. Now, I have a better understanding that we, as form, are on the cutting edge of Life (so to say) here in the physical form and Source is ever-expanding from our new experiences. This helped me to better understand that we are perfect in every way, and everything that we do and experience is perfect in every way. I have a better understanding that we do not make mistakes because everyone and everything within our awareness is God experiencing God. I understand better now that we are God living Life in various forms on the ‘outer limit’ (so to say) where things are slowed down in a space-time reality with different/denser properties, so that we can have a rich experience. Source is ever-expanding from our experiences here. We are always aware and experiencing Life and Source expands from our learning and experiences. We are the Awareness of All That Is.

    I also learned more about not being led by our egoic mind constant thoughts and conceptual thinking because simple Awareness is all that is necessary for us. Right now, I am thinking about the meditations on silence and the ‘empty mind’ meditation that you shared with us a few months ago. I will listen to them again.

    This was certainly enlightening! Thanks again for sharing it.



  2. Colin says:

    Oh wow, this was so good. Thank you.

  3. Eva says:

    I thank you so much for living your self and sharing with me. Eva

  4. Amanda says:

    Adrienne, have you studied the teachings of Abraham-Hicks at all?

  5. Lincoln says:

    Hello Amanda. Yes, I am familiar with the teachings of Abraham-Hicks. If you are learning about successful manifestation practices, I feel that my Higher Self teachings go into greater depth with greater accuracy. Many of the teachings on manifestation are superficial. They appeal to disempowered egos that seek for inner happiness through external forms and objects, relying upon wishful thinking rather than the science of who we are as conscious beings within the manifest multidimensional universe. These Higher Self videos will teach you more about the manifestation process by addressing different aspects of who we all are and what abilities we all have.

    Watch all nine video parts:

    And then these:

  6. Amanda says:

    Thanks Lincoln 😀

  7. sue says:

    i have watched and listened to all the videos lincoln.
    whilst in the moment for most of the time, my mind slips back to anxieties..just momentarily…huge anxieties..vaccination of my grandson yet to be born..staying in awareness is so challenging..when you are awakened to the to the illusion you are trying to move out of…i am new to this, for 65 years i went with the rules of that other existence…i want to move nearer and nearer to enlightenment so much.. i have had enough of the other way…but i am on my own, and i think that is why life has led me here….i only know one other person who understands where i am..of course i realise the further i go down my new path, the easier it will become, …but what are the chances i will ever be able to overcome these old habits of the past?…for instance trying to warn my son about the dangers of vaccinations..i want to stand back, but this is a huge challenge… i try and listen to a different video every day since i found you a week or 2 ago…if i keep doing this… how soon do you think it will be before i can feel a shift to the self, so that the pain of worry over such things will be able to be overcome…blessings to you and namaste.

  8. Lincoln says:

    Hello Sue. Your strong desire, commitment and work ethic are the most important factors to achieving spiritual growth and realization. We must be dedicated to the process of self-examination, self-transformation and conscious creation. The cultivation of awareness coupled with the desire for God / Truth is the path. You seem to be firmly on this path. Stay the course and trust in the process.

    To speak in particular about your situation with your grandson. We are all eternal Consciousness. All forms are temporary. We all have lived, died, loved, lost, prospered and suffered. Yet we remain in eternal existence in every moment. Try to see the deeper truth that you, your children, your grandson and every person is truly Consciousness expressing through form, but not bound by form. This will create an opening in your mind through which peace can flow.

    With your state of compassion and knowledge, you want your grandson to experience the most happiness and peace, health and Love. Every person wants this. It is wonderful that you want the very best for your grandson. With this in mind, you should always offer your knowledge, insight, care and compassion. However to give yourself peace and balance, you must also allow for others to make the choices that they perceive to be best – even if their knowledge or level of consciousness is dissimilar to yours. We must give others the freedom that we would wants others to give to us.

    The best we can do in life, is to create fully in our state of empowerment, wisdom, Love and truth… then fully allow the Universe to receive our creation and respond as It chooses. We must trust the reciprocal creative process of life, while also honoring the dynamic nature of co-creation between us all.

    No single person has been given total control over all aspects of life. Instead each person controls their inner universe, as fully as they are awakened to, and expresses to influence the outer universe, made stronger as the person becomes more masterful. Try to see your place in this co-creative reality and find peace accepting who you are, as an evolving creation made in God’s image.

    I wish you the best Sue. Trust what you know in your deepest core. The path we all walk is lit from within our Hearts.

    Blessings and Love,

    ~ Lincoln

  9. Shrooq says:

    Is it possible to get into higher self status and get out of it within seconds or minutes? I meditate and I can feel my spiritual heart and I feel I’m one with everything and i feel high peace and love and no desire at all, just pure love! but I stop meditating and I go sit with my family I don’t think I judged them but somehow slowly I’m back to the ego within minutes, Is this possible? Have I judged them that’s why? And also in between sleep I get into that awareness and I sleep peacefully but few hours after waking up and the ego takes over!! How do I stop this? I wish to be all love and light all day. Thanks

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