The Eternal Self – Expressions for Manifestation

Saturday, May 30th, 2009
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: May 30, 2009
Title: The Eternal Self – Expressions for Manifestation
Running Time: 21:05
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The Eternal Self – Expressions for Manifestation

Do you have hopes and dreams that you wish to manifest in your life? Do you suffer when your dreams do not come true?

Learn more about who you are and how manifestation works in this Channel Higher Self video.

The process of manifestation as taught by the Higher Self will help you to more clearly understand the layers of our self that we create through – our thoughts, emotions, physical body and environment. Learn why using only our thoughts to manifest for us is often times unsuccessful. We must understand how to correctly express our thoughts into energy, which then determines how the physical world responds and changes.

Wishing for outcomes in our life has already proved to be ineffective. We must increase our knowledge of our self and the underlying process of life in order to become more successful at manifestation.

Let this Channel Higher Self video guide you to become more successful at manifestation. Realize your dreams. Create more happiness within this world. Awaken to your Divine Self.

Many blessings and much Love!

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One Comment

  1. Christian says:


    This is what I don´t understand; how does this teaching

    compare to the one I´m commenting on right now? Do you ever receive “updates” from a higher intelligence? I feel as sometimes we´re being taught, we can create anything we like, then again I hear a lot about “wishful thinking”. What exactly is the difference here?

    Can we only create within ourselves? Such as thoughts, emotions,…

    It is such an obvious thing to say “If I want that ice-cream I have to get up and get it”! Anyone would say, yes sure!

    Why do I need these teaching though in order to do that (which btw I discovered a few weeks ago and find very powerful and insightful). I do understand, of course that you are making a point and you´re using it as a metaphor.

    Nevertheless, sometimes I feel we can create anything while watching you´re teachings, then I watch another one and I´m not so sure anymore.

    So, if I´d want to experience a dog in my life, I have to get up and get one, right? Why do I have to ask the “universal intelligence” for that experience then? Does that help? How does it help, if I have to get up in the end anyway?

    if I´d want to go/live at a certain physical location, can I do/create that? Does creation in this case simply mean, board an aircraft and go there? Because then anyone would again say, yes sure. Do I receive help from the “intelligence” or does it all depend on “getting out of that chair”.

    To further illustrate that point: in one of your videos you talked about someone wants to experience the love being created while driving down the road in a quick car. So, are there any ways I can influence that other than getting up and buying one, if I have the money? Since the car as an object does not respond to us as conscious beings?

    Could you please shed some light on this (for me) dilemma.


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