Connect to Your Higher Self – A 3 hour workshop with Lincoln Gergar

Monday, June 22nd, 2015
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Title: Connect to Your Higher Self – A 3 hour workshop with Lincoln Gergar
Running Time: 3:11:01

Connect to Your Higher Self – A 3 hour workshop with Lincoln Gergar

Download the full 3 hour workshop in 1080p at

Learn how to connect to your Higher Self in this 3 hour workshop by Lincoln Gergar – YouTube’s most popular Higher Self channel.

Are you on the spiritual path? Do you want to go deeper within and awaken more of yourself? This video workshop will help you awaken your inner teacher, your Higher Self.

Connect directly to your Higher Self consciousness so you can receive your own guidance directly from Source Consciousness. Your Higher Self is the Inner Teacher that God Consciousness has placed into you. It is the job of the Higher Self to direct your soul during all of it’s incarnation, including your present human lifetime. Having a Higher Self connection is the most important part of the spiritual journey because then you will have accurate guidance for everything you do. Proper Higher Self guidance will make your decision easy and your soul path clear.

At the center of every person’s energy system is the Spiritual Heart. Here is where you experience you connection with your Higher Self. The Spiritual Heart is your deepest energy center and the birthplace of divine love, eternal peace, and spiritual bliss. In this workshop you will learn the Spiritual Heart meditation, a powerful technique that you can use to directly assess your Higher Self within.

In this 3 hour workshop, you will learn what your Higher Self is and why experiencing it is so important. Numerous techniques and guided meditations are shared to help you strengthen your Higher Self connection. Learn how to quiet your mind and increase your energy levels. Increase your intuition and channel your Higher Self to receive powerful guidance in your life.

This 3 hour video workshop was recorded live in London, England on June 14, 2014.

Download the full 3 hour workshop in 1080p at

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  1. Bryan says:

    Hi Lincoln,
    I just purchased this workshop. Looking forward and just wanted to give you a heads up i ordered it.



    Lincoln Reply:

    Thank you Bryan for your purchase and support of these Higher Self teachings. I hope that this 3-hour video workshop helps you to reach your personal spiritual goals. Blessings.


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