The Power We Have to Create Value

Saturday, October 27th, 2012
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: October 27, 2012
Title: The Power We Have to Create Value
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The Power We Have to Create Value

Are you empowered in your life? Do you have control of your mind and your wealth? We create the worth and value in this world and in our lives. When we believe something to have value, in that moment we create it and affirm it’s reality. We are the creators. We have the power. But we must awaken more to realize it and gain control of our lives.

All of the human systems of this world have little or no intrinsic value – meaning that a piece of metal only has value if humans think that it does. An apple, a flower, a home and a car all get their value from the people. All value is created by the minds of man. All systems of value are upheld by people agreeing together. When we believe something to have value, in that moment the value is created.

In recent years, the financial / economic structure of this world have have undergone enormous changes. The financial currencies in many countries lost great amounts of value in only a few weeks. In this very short amount of time, countries went broke, businesses failed, jobs were lost, and people suffered. Nothing in the material world changed to cause this catastrophic failure. The sun still shone, rain still fell and the trees still produced fruit. It was only the ideas in the minds of man that changed.

We live in a mind-controlled society. When you understand how to better use your own mind as a conscious creative spiritual being – then you can free yourself from the mind-made systems of limitation. You do not have to live your life by the thoughts, beliefs and fears of others. You have always had the freedom to be your own person and to create the life that you desire. You have always been free!

This Higher Self video teaching will guide you in understanding the power that your consciousness and your mind hold in your life. You will be given an exercise to help you better structure your mind and your home life. With the right knowledge and a little effort you can very easily bring your life under your control and back into the flow of happiness.

Many blessings and much Love!

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  1. Colin says:

    What do you do about beliefs that contradict what your coming to realize?

  2. Lincoln says:

    All of your beliefs show you what is in your mind – those judged as good, bad or neutral. If there are beliefs that appear to work against you, then there are deeper karmas stored in your mind that ought to be examined and then healed.

    It is our emotions and memories that hold our karmas. Your past experiences gave you reasons to create these beliefs. Maybe it was social / family condition or a past trauma.

    When we examine these and work through them, we gain the valuable lessons that help us grow.

    Simply wanting to be free from old patterns is not enough. Ignoring them is not effective. We must examine them to learn from them. Once we clearly understand the root cause of the karma, then we will gain insight into ourselves and the knowledge of what is needed to change.

    It is a progress of self-examination, self-knowledge and then self-transformation. All steps must be in place for effective change to occur.

  3. Colin says:

    What are karmas?

  4. Lee says:

    A great, simple way of practically revealing the freedom that is always already there. The practical examples and exercises show how that innate freedom interacts with and is creatively ultimately powerful in one’s life. This one talk, in itself, if received, could change a person’s life forever. Salutations and love to you Lincoln, as usual!

  5. Lincoln says:

    Thanks Lee. Namaste.

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