The Personality’s place in Spiritual Practice

Saturday, February 7th, 2009
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: February 7, 2009
Title: The Personality’s place in Spiritual Practice
Running Time:  28:40
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The Personality’s place in Spiritual Practice

How does the personality fit into a person’s spiritual practice?
How can someone use the personality to enhance their spiritual practice?
How will the personality change during one’s spiritual practice?

This Satsang with the Self session by Channel Higher Self answers these questions and more.

Enjoy a powerful and direct teaching on the relationship between the personality and true spirituality.

Many spiritual teachers teach their students ways to change the personality, claiming spiritual gain and enlightenment. Is this an effective method to lead the student to spiritual enlightenment?

Since the personality is the ego, and the ego is what is keeping us from experiencing our True Self / Spiritual Enlightenment. Then, if a teacher is teaching the students to change the personality, is the teacher really enlightened? Or is the teacher still trapped by their own identification with their personality?

Why are there so many spiritual teachings that focus on the personality? Are these techniques effective tools for spiritual enlightenment?

Listen as the Higher Self explains why there is no need to focus on the personality during spiritual practices. Learn why it is important to see beyond the personality from the beginning of one’s spiritual training. Understand that focusing on the Higher Self / Pure Consciousness within is the only effective means to moves beyond the limiting ego to experience spiritual enlightenment. And the working with the personality only empowers the ego illusion.

This is a powerful Satsang with the Self video channeling that can help remove common confusion from spirituality.

Many blessings and much Love!

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