Spiritual Ignorance: Confusion of the Supreme Self

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: May 23, 2009
Title: Spiritual Ignorance: Confusion of the Supreme Self
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Spiritual Ignorance: Confusion of the Supreme Self

What is spiritual ignorance? How is spiritual ignorance created? What is the role of ignorance is spiritual practice?

In this Higher Self channeling session, we examine spiritual ignorance and how it is the main block in the spiritual path leading to spiritual enlightenment. We learn what the cause of spiritual ignorance is, where spiritual ignorance exists in our experience, how to identify this ignorance in relation to other experiences of the mind, emotions, body, and energy system, and how to effectively remove the spiritual ignorance that is preventing spiritual enlightenment.

This Satsang with the Self session will help you to better understand what the Supreme Self is and how to identify it. Learn how to see beyond the mind, emotions, and body by removing attachment to and identification with the personal ego. Learn how to recognize the direct experience of the Supreme Self and how to stay in this state of spiritual enlightenment, eternal peace, and Divine Love – spiritual nirvana.

Learn how all spiritual practice must eventually come to the final step of Spiritual Surrender – when all of our efforts are finally released, the ego is given no more creative power, and we reside as the Supreme Self that I Am.

This is a powerful Higher Self satsang session that will help you take that one simple step to consciously surrender more deeply into the Supreme Self Consciousness that I Am – spiritual nirvana.

Many blessings and much Love!

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