Silence creates the space for Love

Saturday, February 28th, 2009
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: February 28, 2009
Title: Silence creates the space for Love
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Silence creates the space for Love

This Satsang with the Self session by Channel Higher Self teaches the relationship between Silence and Love.

As we have learned in the previous Satsang with the Self videos – Silence is the foundation of all spiritual practices, including meditation. It is through Silence and stillness that the experience of life is made possible. Forms arise out of the formless Silence. Silence connects all life.

In this video satsang session, the Higher Self Consciousness teaches that we must first create space, stillness, and silence in our consciousness / awareness to allow Love to be created. Silence acts as a container to hold Love. The more Silence that we are able to create through meditation, the more Love we can experience and express in our lives.

Learn what the Spiritual Heart is and how it is the doorway through which our Love is expressed into our lives. Directly experience the expression of this Love from within you as it expands to fill the space of your consciousness / awareness. Learn how our commitment to honoring our Love within nurtures this Love to grow and transform our experience ourselves and our lives.

This Satsang with the Self video session includes a guided meditation that helps a person to create silence in the mind, space within the consciousness, and Love within the Heart. By regularly practicing this meditation, you will awaken within you the Love of you Spiritual Heart. In time, this Love will quiet the mind and purify the ego personality. Only Love will remain, within you and outside in the world.

Many blessings and much Love!

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