Remove the Distance Between your Consciousness and Your Body to Remove the Ego Mind

Saturday, April 18th, 2020
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: April 16, 2020
Title: Remove the Distance Between your Consciousness and Your Body to Remove the Ego Mind
Running Time: 36:58

Remove the Distance Between your Consciousness and Your Body to Remove the Ego Mind

Experience a channeled meditation that removes the perceptual distance that separates your consciousness from your human form. This space causes the ego to exist. Remove the space – remove the ego.

As your remove the perceptual distance, your consciousness and your human body become one integrated experience. Automatic thoughts and emotional reactions stop. You experience a powerful increase in your creative success. You feel at peace, fully present and integrated into this human reality – existing as the eternal consciousness here in this human experience.

Follow this guided meditation to enter directly into your human body in this present moment. Experience more electricity in your nerves, more strength in your muscles, more clarity in your mind and more happiness in your emotions. Experience more of yourself here in this human reality. You are the creator expressing into this human experience.

Learn why most meditation practice fail to remove the personal ego. Even traditional practices like mantra, affirmations, visualization, chanting, and Reiki – while beneficial – cannot remove the personal ego. Only a practice that removes the distance between our consciousness (our soul) and the body will remove the personal ego, automatic thoughts and emotional reactions.

This Higher Self channeled teaching and guided meditation will help you to experience more of your eternal self in this human reality. You will notice an increase in your presences, your inner peace, your creative power and your experience of oneness. Enjoy this meditation.

Blessings and Love.

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  1. Eugene (Gene) Hoover says:

    Hi Lincoln,

    This is a beautiful meditation! And it leads me to the following musings: Our soul and body are one – everything we see and experience are one. There is no distance between the soul/consciousness and my body. My essence is God consciousness and contained in that is all the forms of life – including my body. My body which has awareness, intelligence and energy (just like my consciousness) is inside of my/the Consciousness.

    So – If my body/mind is inside of my consciousness and my consciousness is not an object or a thing but an essence (you could phrase this many ways) then matter, this world and this universe are inside of this open, empty, silent, still (non)place. And from this nonplace we utilize the tool that our bodies are to express into this reality.

    You and others have called this the Dream of Live. Is the greater God Consciousness that we are and the so called wake-state similar to (or the same even) or analogous to a dreaming person and the dreams they have at night? In the night dream they have a dream body that they use and interact with other dream body’s and dream objects. But in reality it is the person having the dream in their bed, and everything in their dream is contained in that dreaming person. The dream experience was real but not ultimately make of matter – except from the dream perspective. Is the matter in our everyday wake-state similarly only “matter” in this reality? It has no ultimate essence? This raises many other question such as if God is dreaming this whole realty into existence is it each individual soul that is having a separate but somehow connected dream of life?

    I know in the end it doesn’t really matter. You have been giving us the tools, including this great meditation to negotiate and understand how to grow into and recognize the God consciousness we are. But these sorts of question keep coming up for me

    Thanks again!

    Love and Peace,


  2. Eugene (Gene) Hoover says:

    One clarification: I know (or at least think) that ultimately there is no “separate” or individual soul, just as there is no separate self.


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