Remove Emotional Blocks: Conquer Spiritual Superiority

Thursday, October 9th, 2014
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: October 8, 2014
Title: Remove Emotional Blocks: Conquer Spiritual Superiority
Running Time: 28:24

Remove Emotional Blocks: Conquer Spiritual Superiority

Video #3 of the Higher Self mini-series on Emotional Healing teaches us how to rise above emotional identification to reach true Oneness. It is common along the spiritual path to awakening that a student forms an identification with being “spiritual”. This creates a block that separates you from your goals.

Spiritual superiority, spiritual materialism, spiritual identification, and the spiritual ego are all terms given to the personality construct that often arises during the spiritual path.

When we identify ourselves as a spiritual person, then the mundane becomes our opposite. Resistance to the opposite forms judgment and criticism of others not on the spiritual path. Avoidance techniques arise that further separates us from our family, friends and society. This consume extra mental energy and lowers our spiritual vibration – the exact opposite of what we hoped our spiritual path would bring us.

So how do we rise above spiritual superiority and enter a state of true humility, compassion, peace and Oneness? It is as easy as centering yourself in your Spiritual Heart and living as the formless Consciousness that you truly are.

This Channel Higher Self video will guide through the process of discovering qualities of spiritual superiority in yourself to help you dissolve them with wisdom and Love. May we all awaken to our Eternal Oneness.

Blessings and Love.

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  1. michael says:

    They come from beliefs that I must be as healthy as you, as elevated as you are and as intelligent as you are. I often compare myself to your own physical appearance which I find to be perfect and it creates this spiritual superiority belief within me of separateness, of not being good enough. I must be open and honest with myself. I often forget that my soul is on it’s own journey here and doesn’t have to do exactly what yore doing in your own life in order to be fully happy. i must embrace my own. I never realized this belief structure that I was holding onto until recently and now I can finally accept it and be at peace with myself. Even for my habits that i can’t seem to kick — the love for fruit sugar for instance. You are my greatest teacher Lincoln but at the same time my mind’s idea about you has created this dark enemy against myself as it compares your own wisdom to my own. But overtime I am realizing that this higher Self Consciousness is already within me at my most profound spiritual depth and will always be me as my true self . I would often consider myself WRONG for not being able to do all the things that you do in your life and I would create these emotional blocks within myself WOW.. like having OBE’s at will or fasting for 30 days and having the strictest of strictest diets.. You have helped me a lot Lincoln and I have followed much of your instructions and health cleanses but I could only handle so much in my personal soul’s understanding.. perhaps i am not ready to fully fully 100% embrace this path of total perfection and full on God realization just yet but i feel myself growing into it.. I must let it happen naturally as according to God’s plan for the universe… ahhh that feels nice to get this out. I love you Lincoln and the Higher Self Consciousness and all of the students and friends involved in this path. Much much love to you all !!

  2. Nikola says:

    Beautiful realization Michael!
    I feel inspired just by reading this. Accepting who we are and changing ourselves go hand in hand. I also feel that it is ok to go “slow”. And when we fail because of our ego we must skip guilt and judgement, and just continue the Path with more strength, and love that part of our selfs that feels not good enough. Avoid ilusion as best we are able. Always trying to have final goal in mind, constant union with God. Comparing our True eternal nature from the Heart with our current reality. Who is there to judge anyone or anything? I feel that really there is only the One that keeps the Heart open.
    Huge Love back at You that helps every human to stay silent in pure meditation like prayer.

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