Method of the Spiritual Masters – Meditation on the Desire to Know God

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011
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Satsang with the Self
Video: 109
Date: April 2, 2011
Title: Method of the Spiritual Masters – Meditation on the Desire to Know God
Running Time: 43:29
Parts: 5

Method of the Spiritual Masters – Meditation on the Desire to Know God

Humanity is experiencing accelerated spiritual growth at this time. Many tools and techniques have been given to humanity from the higher dimensions and Spiritual realms, including specific frequencies of Light. All of these spiritual tools and techniques ultimately serve one purpose – successfully fulfilling the desire to know God.

In this Channel Higher Self video you will learn how to properly use the Light frequency and energy creation tools provided in this Method of the Spiritual Masters mini-series. You will why these tools are helpful for people on the spiritual path of self growth and Self-realization. And you will learn the one technique that all techniques eventually lead a person to: meditation on the final desire of the Heart – the desire to know God; the desire to know who a person truly is; the desire to know what Life truly is; the desire to know the Self – as a full-blown direct experience without any doubt.

This is a powerful Higher Self spiritual teaching that will provide deeper insight on the relationship between the different tools and techniques available for spiritual mastery, and provide deeper guidance on your own spiritual path. All of us began from God and will return to God. All of us are in God right now. By understanding how to effectively work with our spiritual Light energy and with our consciousness in meditation, we can most quickly return to the state of spiritual enlightenment and God realization.

Many blessings and much Love!

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Part 5

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Namaste, Lincoln,

    Thank you for showing us more on our path to self-realization through this video. This has been an awesome journey that I thoroughly enjoyed through your Spiritual Masters mini-series! I feel a better ‘understanding’ and ‘knowing’ of Who I Am, Where I Am, and how to return to a full State of Realization, as I Am Consciousness.

    My focus and attention have increased in awareness in my daily walk in life through your mini- series. It has helped me to have more awareness that we live in the ‘Heart of God’. This has come about through focusing more on Love in each and every day, as you always teach in all of your videos. It helps me to remind myself that there is no need to judge what is already perfect. There is no need to change what is already perfect. There is no need to be dissatisfied with anyone or anything that is already perfect. Simply, let go and surrender into my Spiritual Heart with full trust that we are Love and living in the Heart of God, as Co-creators. As you taught us, God is experiencing God in the many forms and facets of Life that our egoic minds cannot ever understand or explain. The Higher Self method is simple and natural. It makes me feel free from limitations and suffering when I focus on it in my daily activities.

    Higher Self is teaching us to stay in this state of surrender and awareness by remaining focused on our Spiritual Heart and Love. I am learning this through listening to your teachings. I am also learning intuitively because now there feels like ‘less thoughts’ are ‘running’ around inside of my head. This has definitely come about through more focus and attention on Love in my meditations and daily walk. It feels like a state of child-like trust and knowing from a loving, pure, delicate, subtle realm of energy. When I learn or become aware, it sometimes feels like knowledge is being downloaded intuitively to me. I know it does not come from my egoic mind because this feels like it involves my whole being in intuitive reception. Sometimes, it also feels like I have another kind of ‘hearing’ from time-to-time, besides my regular physical hearing. I am learning through this. I feel open and receptive by refocusing my attention on Love and awareness throughout my day and not just in my meditations. It also feels like something inside of me has expanded during my meditations. I can feel it when I am not meditating and put my focus on it throughout the day. It feels like an energy field expanding inside of me and out from me. It feels like an expansion of myself into the world, but in the form of energy.

    Your enlightening mini-series has helped me to be more aware of my physical vehicle, energies, emotions, thoughts, and most of all my Spiritual Essence of Love. I feel a heightened sense of closeness or oneness with nature, the sun, the air, and the environment. Lately, my physical body feels different. It feels lighter and less dense. The energy expansion seems to energize my physical vehicle. I will continue radiating love and continue on my Spiritual Path to a state of full Self-Realization.

    Thank you again for all that you do in guiding us in the Way of Love, Freedom, Joy, Peace, and Harmony with all of Life!

    Many Blessings and Only Love!


  2. My deepest gratitude to you Lincoln for channeling this wisdom on earth at this time. It fills my heart, inspires my being, and connects me more fully to my one true desire: to know the god Source within all of life. Love, light, and blessings to all of life, and may our awakening continue to be joyous, sweet, and filled with love. Thank you,

  3. Lincoln says:

    Thank you Mical. I truly appreciate that you shared your gratitude and Love with me and us all. Know that your one true desire will be fulfilled. The Universal Consciousness receives all of our requests and knows our deepest desires. Trust in this Source and never doubt yourself and your journey. Blessings and Love always. Namaste.

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