Higher Self Spiritual Understanding of Video Games, Gaming & Virtual Reality

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: October 3, 2013
Title: Higher Self Spiritual Understanding of Video Games, Gaming & Virtual Reality
Running Time: 29:23
Parts: 3

Higher Self Spiritual Understanding of Video Games, Gaming & Virtual Reality

Listen to a channeled message from the Higher Self answering the question, “are video games bad for people, spiritually?”

Every soul is a creator. We create using our thoughts, emotions, words and actions. We are constantly creating our expression and changing our experiences in life. Video games offer the soul unique experiences of creation and expression that may not be possible in our world.

Our dreams are the source of video games and virtual reality. Video games are attempts to create lucid dreaming experiences in a computer system!

In this Higher Self channeled video you will learn what the Higher Self thinks about video games, gaming and virtual reality experiences. The discussion will examine the psychological desires of video gamers – why they are attracted to the video gaming experience – and the soul-level lessons that video games teach humans.

Ultimately video games are creations from the souls incarnate. They serve many purposes – for entertainment, for emotional therapy, for mental development, for personal freedom and guilt-less expression. See the many sides of video gaming in this Channel Higher Self video.

Many blessings and much Love!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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  1. christopher says:

    you said every thought you have is being broadcast, so this means that other people can read your mind right?


    Lincoln Reply:

    Every thought, emotion and action that we create is being received by the Universal Consciousness. Our creations direct the Universal Consciousness how to create our lives.


  2. christopher says:

    I dont understand what you mean by that, If people in our lives cant read our minds, how can the world receive our every thought emotion and action that we create? Doesnt this mean that people can read our minds? If our thoughts emotions and actions are broadcasting themselves. You have also said that our thoughts flow from our minds, into our bodies and onto the physical plane, doesnt this mean that other people can read our minds?


    Lincoln Reply:

    Most human beings currently living on this earth are not consciously aware of the Universal Consciousness. Most people cannot read the minds of other people.

    When you watch my videos, it is important to listen very carefully to what is being spoken. Try to hear the Higher Self message as it is being said directly. Do not add to it what you may have heard others say.

    I wish you the best. Blessings and Love.


  3. Matthew says:

    Wow, every word was spot on and hits home. I feel like this video was made just for me. I play video games (not nearly as much as I used to) because I want to escape the mundane of the every day, materialistic life, to experience new and wondrous things and ideas, to escape into a different reality that I have complete control over and responds to me in every way. Perhaps it is truly time to bring what I have to offer to this reality, even though it may take some time. Perhaps it is time to utilize my creativity to shape this world into a better reality where experience takes precedence over material. A reality where genuine human interaction is preferred over genuine human detachment. A reality where the wonders of creation are celebrated by all. That is a reality I want to exist in. What a long way we have to go, but maybe not as long as I think.

    I’ve also given much time and energy into pursuing the lucid dreaming experience but to little avail. Maybe that is because if my past marijuana use where it noticably altered my sleep cycle and greatly hindered my ability to recall dreams. Now is a good time to start trying again.



    Lincoln Reply:

    Thank you Matthew for sharing your experience and insight.

    We as souls come into this world to create in the material dimension and to experience all that it has to offer. In the astral dimension (like in our dreams) we have far more personal control over our environments. Human life offers a unique challenge of co-creation and interdependence. Our existence here is dependent upon every breath of air – something external to us. Our emotional happiness is dependent upon interaction with things external to us. In this dimension we put on the veil of individuality and interdependence to challenge us in a new creative way, a way foreign to the astral dimension that is our more extensive home.

    I have created two videos called “The Higher Self Challenge” [https://channelhigherself.com/videos/satsang-with-the-self/the-higher-self-challenge/] and “Embrace the Spiritual Challenge of the Human Experience” [https://channelhigherself.com/videos/satsang-with-the-self/embrace-the-spiritual-challenge-of-the-human-experience/]. These two videos will help you more fully understand why we as souls chose to incarnate in this human experience. You will learn of the many valuable possibilities that we all have waiting for us, when we find the courage to life as our Souls in this human world.

    Yes, marijuana increases subconscious mind activity and will prevent lucid dreaming and out of body experience. We must work to increase our conscious mind in the dream state. For this a daily meditation practice is most effective.

    I wish you the best Matthew. Blessings and Love.


  4. CJ says:

    I have stumbled across this one many times, but have for some reason never watched it until just recently. It has already become one of my favourite satsangs, it is very motivating. I have been playing video games since I was 3 years old. Recently I have started casually playing a game I used to play when I was younger. I pretty much spent my entire preteen and teenage years playing this game with its community. Even now, the old feeling is there.

    I can relate to many of the topics brought up. Playing video games has given me this passion in my youth that I had been unable to experience much elsewhere. But I found the passion being emitted from this video as well. Self-exploration is the new video game, and meditation is the console on which it is played. I am looking forward to leveling up in this game and do ownage with my 1337 skillz!


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