God’s Love from Spiritual Heart to Root Chakra – A Higher Self Meditation

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: March 31, 2014
Title: God’s Love from Spiritual Heart to Root Chakra – A Higher Self Meditation
Running Time: 31:27
Parts: 3

God’s Love from Spiritual Heart to Root Chakra – A Higher Self Meditation

The Root Chakra (Muladhara) is the deepest psychological energy center, storing our security, trust, and fear beliefs and emotions. By directing the love energy in the Spiritual Heart to the Root Chakra we transform our deepest karma.

In this Higher Self channelled meditation you will be taught about the essential qualities of the Root Chakra (Muladhara Chakra) in the emotional energy body. These qualities include our beliefs and emotions around security, social acceptance, self-image, self-reliability, action vs inaction, fear, trust, distrust, social avoidance, depression, and loneliness. The Root Chakra holds within it the deepest psychological qualities of the human personality. These qualities are often the strongest factors that shape our thinking, emotions and actions. These qualities are also the most difficult to change.

While the Higher Self speaks about the qualities of the Root Chakra, you are also being led on a guided meditation of energy work and healing. First your Spiritual Heart is awakened and connected to God Consciousness. The Spiritual Heart is the deepest energy center of your human self. The God Consciousness energy then rises up into the personal consciousness in the mental body, where it expands the personal self into the Universal Self. The energy then descends through an open Crown Chakra (Sahasrara Chakra) into the emotional body, where it travels down all 7 chakras into the Root Chakra (Muladhara Chakra). Here the God Consciousness energy goes to work, purifying the karma and energy blocks to open and activate the Root Chakra.

This is a wonderful Higher Self channeled meditation to help you transform the deepest psychological aspects of your personality. When meditated with often, your security issues, fears, doubts, social anxieties, and states of depression will be greatly reduced and even removed. Never doubt the power that you hold inside of you. God is within you, radiating Light, Love and Higher Consciousness always. Trust this Power.

Blessings and Love.

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  1. Colin says:

    What is the best way you would describe chakras to somebody coming from a materialism background?

  2. Lincoln says:

    Chakras are energy centers (or “wheels”) that store our psychological traits, including emotions, personality characteristics, and attitudes, as well as the emotional aspects of our memories.

    There are 8 major chakras in the body (most schools only teach 7). Each chakra is located near a major gland in the endocrine system. The functions of the gland are related to the energy of chakras.

    Each chakra holds the qualities of one of the 4 major elemental energies (earth, water, fire, air), the etheric field, the movements of consciousness and the qualities of space.

    During genuine spiritual growth, we awaken our conscious experience of our chakras, heal and purify the chakras and their emotional aspects, and increase the energy inside the chakra system. This all leads to the evolution of human consciousness and a greater understanding of being spirit inside matter. When the entire chakra system is purified, all of the lessons of the human being are complete. A person will be living in an empowered state of creativity, intelligence, love and peace. Human desires will also be satisfied.

    This guided meditation and self-healing CD teaches more about the major chakras and how to best work with them for awakening and healing: http://higherselfteachings.com/cds/chakra-meditation-higher-self-guided-awakening-healing/

  3. Colin says:

    So you would say that if you meditate and observe yourself they will reveal themselves to you?

    Do they look like colored balls? Do they look like anything at all?

  4. Lincoln says:

    Yes. The charkas are real. If a person increases his/her sensitivity to non-physical energy (like emotions), he/she will feel the chakras. Begin to notice your emotions and you will feel where in your body they occur. The emotions are created by the chakras.

    “Seeing” the chakras requires a person’s psychic vision (astral body) to be functioning. It is easier to feel the chakras than to see them. However seeing them is possible.

  5. Flor says:

    Thank you, very usefull. Namaste. F

  6. Christian says:

    I love this video Lincoln. I feel like it is speaking directly to me.

  7. Lincoln says:

    Wonderful. Thank you for sharing Christian. Many people tell me that they feel the energies and communication deep inside, often the Heart area and deeper consciousness. This is one of the unique aspects of the Higher Self, something not found in typical human communication. We all have the Higher Self within us and when I speak from this place it connects with the listener and awakens deeper knowledge. Please continue to enjoy these video teachings. Blessings and Love.

  8. Colin says:

    Is it possible for someone to heal and purify the chakras without knowing that they are doing so?

  9. Lincoln says:

    Any progress a person makes in psychological and emotional healing will be reflected as changes in the chakras. Working directly with the chakra energies is not the only way.

  10. Andrew says:

    this video is POWERFUL.

  11. Andrew says:

    this video is POWERFUL. energetic love and rainbows, chakra opening and oneness with GOD. Lincoln you are a Saint for teaching this. I am in awe.

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