Expand Your Perception – Learn to Feel the Etheric Energy of Sound

Monday, September 15th, 2014
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Satsang with the Self
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Date: September 15, 2014
Title: Expand Your Perception – Learn to Feel the Etheric Energy of Sound
Running Time: 30:35

Expand Your Perception – Learn to Feel the Etheric Energy of Sound

Sound is ether energy in motion. Underlying the physical Universe is a field of sound and vibration. In this video you will learn how to more fully experience this etheric energy field in all parts of your body – not just your ears. Sounds vibrate our energy bodies, organs, cells and chakras. We can feel sounds, in addition to listening to them.

The human body is a 5-element system. We have 5 senses – sight and light, smell and odor, hearing and sound, taste and flavor, smell and scent. We have 5 emotional energy centers called chakras – earth element in the root, water element in the sacral, fire element in the solar plexus, air element in the heart, and ether in the throat. Ether is the element of sound.

In the ancient cosmological models of the Universe, as well as in the energetic chakra system of the human being, the four physical elements (earth, water, fire, air) are created out of the ether element. Therefore, by directly experiencing and understanding the ether element and sound energies we can directly create change in our emotions, our chakras, our thought energies, our physical bodies, and in the external world.

Mantra yoga is the ancient science teaches this. Cymatics is the modern science that teaches this. We can experience these sciences inside our bodies directly – once we take our awareness to greater energetic depth. This Higher Self channeled video will guide you into your etheric sense to awaken these profound abilities.

Blessings and Love.

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  1. Sileema Hardrick says:

    Hello Lincoln. I am really beginning to understand that perception and ego play a major factor in our reality. I am also coming to understand that I am a part of a universal consciousness. The more I tune into and meditate on that universal consciousness the more peaceful I feel. Prior to being led to your you tube teachings, I started listening to binaural beats (Alpha, theta, beta, etc.). I realize the importance of stillness in the mind and how it cultivates inner peace, discernment, sensitivity, awareness and other necessary benefits to opening up the world beyond just our physical manifestations. I am sincerely thankful to you and the message you bring to those who understand there is way more to life than meets the eye. Namaste

  2. Colin says:

    This was an awesome session. I felt like I could hear and appreciate music better afterwards.

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