Desire is an Actual Energy with an Attractive Charge that Continues the Universe’s Existence

Friday, February 21st, 2020
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Date: February 4, 2020
Title: Desire is an Actual Energy with an Attractive Charge that Continues the Universe’s Existence
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Desire is an Actual Energy with an Attractive Charge that Continues the Universe’s Existence

Desire alone has the power to manifest anything you want in your life, but often we block desire with doubt, fear or guilt. Learn how to create a happy life by allowing the energy of desire to manifest for you in a nearly effortless way.

Desire is an intelligent form of creative energy existing deep within your mind. Desire is not just a passing idea. Desire is a form of energy with an attractive charge that draws experiences to you. Desire is how the Universe exists and continues to create itself.

When worked with properly, desire will accelerate your soul’s awakening towards oneness with all life.

The desire for God and the desire for material experiences is no different. The energy of desire can be directed to manifest any experience in your life. By working with desire properly you can awaken the immense creative power you have and use your power to create the life that fills you with happiness.

Human desires are created by your past experiences in your life. The human desire for specific experiences can be combined with your soul’s desire for oneness with Life – creating the strongest energy in the human experience. We can learn how to honor our human desires and understand them as soul-level desires to experience new aspects of God.

As we evolve as human beings our desires contain more of our soul’s understanding. As a result, our desires change from specific material objects to a continuous experience of bliss. This unending bliss is the experience of oneness with all life.

You can be free from the guilt, shame, doubt and fear that society has taught us to feel about our own desires for happiness.

Stop restricting the flow of creative energy by analyzing how things will manifest in your life. Trust that the desire is a form of creative energy that is strong enough to bring into your reality the experience you desire to have.

This is a magical reality you live in, so do not think in ways that add restriction and limit your success and happiness.

You are the creator of your life. You are the intelligence, creative energy and awareness that is manifesting this experience right now. Adjust how you understand the power of desire and allow your deepest inner desires to express through your emotions, words and actions. Then watch how your life becomes what you have always dreamed your life could be.

Show yourself that you are God Consciousness by creating the life that you truly desire to live. Make this lifetime your best lifetime ever!

Blessings and Love.

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